All-Time College Football Team: Fullback

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IAugust 14, 2008

The end is drawing near, both to the long awaited, highly anticipated 2008 college football season, as well as the unveiling of the “All-Time College Football Team.”


Before the latter can happen we have to tackle three more spots in our lineup: fullback, halfback, and quarterback.  We’ll begin the final three by looking at the fullback.


This is the guy who blocks for the halfback and quarterback.  This is the one who clears the way like a bulldozer knocking over trees.  This is the one who sacrifices himself against defensive linemen, all in the hopes that his team will profit from his sacrifice.


On rare occasions this guy will get the chance to carry the pigskin.  It usually comes on a 3rd-and-two or a 4th-and-inches.


Even rarer is his opportunity to score a touchdown when his team needs just a few inches to push the defense back and the ball over the goal line.


There have been some greats in the college game.


Names like Mike Alstott from Purdue and Larry Csonka from Syracuse should automatically pop into one’s head when mentioning college fullbacks.


Other fullbacks such as “Doc” Blanchard from Army and Alan Ameche from Wisconsin, both of whom won the Heisman Trophy at their respective schools, should be just as synonymous with the position as anyone.


These are just a few of the greats that could be mentioned as possible fullback candidates for the All-Time College Football team.


So, without further ado, I hereby open the comment section for your chance to voice your opinion and vote on who is the greatest fullback of all-time.