2010 BCSFP Week 4

Michael HoppesCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2010

Alabama has once again claimed the top spot in the BCSFP, winning 35 of the 43 possible first-place votes this week. Ohio State, Boise State, and TCU remained in the #2-#4 spots this week after winning their games. Oregon moved into the top five for the first time this week, replacing the Texas Longhorns, who were upset 34-12 by UCLA. Texas dropped to #19 in the poll, moving down 14 spots.

Florida State moved back into the poll this week after dropping out earlier in the season. They replaced West Virginia, which was dropped from the poll after a loss to LSU. Michigan State, North Carolina State, and Missouri were the top three vote-getters who did not break into the top 25.

There are quite a few new official pollster applications this week in the Applications forum, so please go vote on them.