Tim Tebow Time Has Arrived for the Denver Broncos

Patrick HallContributor ISeptember 29, 2010

Tim Tebow can help improve the Broncos 30th ranked rushing offense.
Tim Tebow can help improve the Broncos 30th ranked rushing offense.Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

Those of you reading this article hoping for Denver to sit Kyle Orton and start Tim Tebow, you can stop reading now. 

This is not an article calling for an early start on the Tim Tebow Era in Denver, at least not as a starter.  The Broncos have a unique opportunity to give Tebow some needed regular season experience, while keeping starting QB Kyle Orton on the field. 

Denver needs to take advantage of the unique skill set of their rookie QB, especially considering Denver's recent redzone woes and lack of an effective running game. 

Orton and the Broncos passing game have played extremely well three weeks into the season, however this team has struggled to run the ball and convert inside the redzone.  This was on full display Sunday against the Colts.  Denver run for a measly 47 yards and made five trips into the redzone coming away with zero touchdowns and only six total points. Denver could not convert on four consecutive plays on the Colts 1-yard line.

The Broncos have the perfect weapon to solve their current offensive troubles in Tebow. 

Implementing more of the specialty Wildcat style formation to feature Tebow is the perfect way to breathe new life into the Broncos running game and keep opposing defenses on their heals inside the red zone. 

Tebow had great success at Florida both running and passing the ball.  Urban Meyer utilized Tebow perfectly his freshman year at Florida as a combination RB/QB.  Tebow mostly ran out of this formation his freshman year, however Meyer did integrate a few passes into this formation with very successful results. 

The Broncos experimented with a Tebow centered formation with two plays against Jacksonville.  Since then Tebow has been noticeably absent in Denver past two games, including being demoted to third string against Indianapolis.  Josh McDaniels is not taking full advantage of the unique talent he traded up to draft in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Wildcat formation is designed to create more favorable matchups for the offense.  Using Tebow as more of a running back the Broncos will be giving themselves an added blocker for the run game.  Tebow will have more blockers to create holes for inside running plays, while at the same time creating uncertainty for the defense. 

Laurence Maroney could prove to be a great addition in this formation, whether it be as a blocker for Tebow or as an off tackle running option. Not to mention, with Orton lined up at wide receiver, this formation could lead to some mismatches in the passing game as well. 

The Kansas City Chiefs did this almost perfectly this past weekend against the 49ers.  Matt Cassell lined up at receiver, then took a pitch and threw a deep touchdown pass to Dwayne Bowe.

The Miami Dolphins have proven that the Wildcat formation can be an incredibly powerful tool in today's NFL. 

The Denver Broncos have something that the Miami Dolphins do not have, a weapon that can both run and throw the ball.  Tebow can keep defense on their heels with his ability to both run and throw, couple that with the flexibility to run off-tackle with Maroney or pass with Orton and its very hard to comprehend why coach McDaniels is not taking advantage of this formation in Denver. 

It's time to get Tebow on the field and let him be the difference maker Broncos fans believe he is capable of becoming.