For the Miami Hurricanes, the Time Is Now for Freshman Seantrel Henderson

David MayerCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

Last year, the Hurricanes offensive lineman were bad at times; even with All-World Jason Fox at tackle, Jacory Harris didn't have time to even get into a three step drop.

This year, with Fox leaving to the NFL, Miami's offensive line was supposed to be the weak link, but instead they turned out to be a very good offensive line.

Harris has had ample time finding receivers, only being sacked five times this year, which is pretty good for a pro style quarterback.

While Miami has done a good job giving Harris time to throw, Miami's running game is ranked 85th in the country.

With the amount of talent the Hurricanes have at running back, there is no way they should have less then 175 yards per game (currently at 120 a game).

In comes the 6'8 330 lb man-child, true freshman Seantrel Henderson, who deserves to start.

With Henderson's size and freakish athleticism, he could only help create holes for the Hurricanes running backs.

Granted, true freshman have to understand their blocking schemes and play calls, but when you have the number one prospect out of high school that completely punishes defensive linemen, it's time to play him.

Henderson is getting more and more play time each game, but that's not enough for me. Henderson has proved what he can do already—watch the replays of the games to see what I mean.

But instead of giving him a few plays here and there, it's time to start him at right tackle and move Joel Figueroa back to right guard where he belongs. Figueroa just doesn't have the skills to play a tackle position.

You see, there once was a junior transfer that was the same size as Henderson is, Bryant McKinnie, and we all know where he is now (starting tackle for the Minnesota Vikings).

Henderson has the same talent as McKinnie, but we do not get to see it, when Henderson is on the bench.

The time is now—bring the big fella in.