Wednesday Water Cooler: Should the Green Bay Packers Have Let Chicago Score?

The ProFFilerCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

McCarthy's decision.. Sharp(ie) or pin headed?
McCarthy's decision.. Sharp(ie) or pin headed?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

With the clocking reading 1:44 left in regulation, in a 17-17 game, following the Packer's 17th penalty in the game, Chicago had first and goal from the 9 yard line. 

The question is... Should Green Bay just let Chicago score? 

 By letting Forte score on his first run. Following the extra point. The Bears are forced to give the dangerous Packer offense the ball back. The Packers chance for a march down the field is pretty substantial.

Throwing out the slim chance of a kick-off return for a touchdown. Aaron Rodgers and company take the field with one time out and roughly 1 minute, 30 seconds left on the clock.

Now I'm not a head coach but I have to think my chances of winning improve drastically with my most talented players on the field. I'm not keen on pinning my hopes for a missed field goal by Robbie Gould, who's only miss this season was a 49 yard try earlier in the game, 

Statistically, there is a 97% chance that Green Bay loses taking the route they chose. According to ESPN and Accuscore in the 10,000 simulations where Forte was allowed to score on the first play, the Packers went on to win 15.4 percent of the time in overtime.

If I'm Mike McCarthy, I'm parting the Green Sea and allowing Forte to waltz in.

What does your gut say?