What TNA should do and have to become great as it ''once'' was

Omar MohamedContributor ISeptember 30, 2010

Male Wrestlers:



D'Angelo Dinero

AJ Styles

Kurt Angle

Eric Young


Jay Lethal


Samoe Joe

Desmond Wolfe

Mr. Anderson


Roderick Strong

Matt Morgan

Mike Knox

Petey Williams

Cody Deaner


Douglas Williams

Jason Steele


Paul Burchill


Sonjay Dutt

Paul London

James Storm

Seven Thorn

Robert Roode

Sheikh Abdulbashir

Amazing Red

Monty Brown

Brutus Magnus

Kenny Dykstra

Brian Kendrick

Tyson Dux

Shark Boy

Christopher Daniels


Alex Shelley

Chris Sabin

Jeremy Buck

Max Buck

Charlie Haas

Shelton Benjamin

Hurricane Helms




Angelina Love


Awesome Kong



Taylor Wilde


Mickie James


Katie Lea Burchill


Madison Rayne

Velvet Sky


Tag Teams


WGTT - Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Generation Me - Jeremy and Max Buck

MCMG - Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Beer Money Inc - Robert Roode and James Storm

Hurricane Helms and Suicide

Kanpeki - Kiyoshi and Okada

British Brawlers - Brutus Magnus and Paul Burchill


Other Figures


Jim Ross - Play-by-play Commentator

Tazz - Color Commentator

Jeremy Borash - Color Commentator

Christy Hemme - Backstage Interviewer

Paul Heyman - Commissioner

SoCal Val - Backstage Interviewer

Stephen DeAngelis - Ring Announcer

Ric Flair - Manager of Beer Money Inc

Ariel - Valet of Seven Thorn




World Championship

X-Division Championship

Television Championship

Tag Team Championship

Knockouts Championship


Other Notes:


- All PPVs will be held outside of Florida

- The UNF Arena will be the home for iMPACT! and Xplosion

- There will be one live show and one taped show to allow time for live events

- Paul Heyman will have the role like that of Dana White in UFC

- The Six-Sided Ring will return

- Bound For Glory will now be a 4-Hour PPV

- Xplosion will air on Tuesdays as a one-hour show on Spike TV

- Lethal Lockdown will now be an elimination-type match

- The Theme Song of iMPACT! is "Adrenaline Rush"

- Xplosion will mostly focus on talent who don't get much time on iMPACT!

- The ranking system will be discontinued

- The 20-minute time limit thing will also be discontinued

- No more planted fans will be at the shows

- TNAShop.com will be launched with "real" merchandise