Vickdicated: Rollercoaster Journey Has Michael Vick Back on Top

Coverin' The SpreadCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2017

Doug Benc/Getty Images

When the Q Score Company released its list of “America’s Most Hated Athletes,” it was no surprise to see Michael Vick’s name still on top.

He’s never been one to wow people off the field, and since he was convicted of being the ring leader and wallet behind the disgusting dog-fighting circus in Virginia, he’s that much easier to hate.

But even if you are the president of PETA; you can’t tell me he doesn’t make the NFL better.

Throughout his career, he has been known as a runner. If you take away his rookie year and ’09 campaign, when he rarely played for the Eagles, he has averaged over seven yards a carry every year.

So far in 2010, he has averaged almost eight yards per carry, is completing over 60% of his passes, and is averaging over 250 yards a game through the air for a QB rating of 110.2.

He appears to have finally matured into the pass-first quarterback people have been waiting to see. How do you scheme for him now that he can rock it in the pocket and still has the legs he had before going behind bars?

Yes, behind bars. Less than 18 months ago, he was incarcerated.

I'm as cynical as they come, and I’ll poke fun at almost any Tom Rinaldi or Jeremy Schaap feel-good special, but I am finding it very difficult not to appreciate this story.

Please appreciate how far this man has come. If someone would have told me before the season that I would be debating whether or not to keep Vick on my fantasy team over Philip Rivers, I would have laughed in their face.

It appears that prison served its primary purpose of being a “correctional facility.” He is surely a changed man off the field.

Vick admits that when he was in Atlanta, he got by off pure talent. He was the last one to arrive and the first to leave.

So imagine a scary scenario: A Pro Bowl quarterback who didn’t give a damn before is now back in shape, and is the first to arrive and last to leave. Well, that time has come.

For someone that has never been said to be charismatic, it was hard to miss the happiness and eagerness displayed on Vick’s face when he was officially named the Eagles’ starter.

The Eagles' front office traded away a Pro Bowl quarterback, who led them to a Super Bowl and is still arguably in his prime, so that their poster child, Kevin Kolb, could start. And as well all know, Michael Vick was named the starter over the hyped Kevin Kolb after two games.

This weekend, Vick will face another tough test, another chapter in his book to recovery. The Eagles face off against the Redskins and the former quarterback they surprisingly traded away.

There is no tougher fanbase to please than Philadelphia. When Vick was named the starter for the Eagles, The Philadelphia Daily News put Vick on the cover and so eloquently titled him as “Top Dog.”


And believe me, their fans have a short enough memory to forget about Vick’s success so far if he fails to beat their former quarterback.

All of the hype aside, anyone that knows anything about football knows that Vick isn’t throwing away his long-awaited second chance. He is arguably the NFL MVP right now, and look for him to have success again this weekend against his division-rival.

Whether you’re a fantasy owner, believer in second chances, or just a sport’s fanbe thankful that Michael Vick is back. Maybe, by next year, we can help him earn his way out of the Q Score Company’s infamous list.