Tiger Woods' Brother Speaks Out in Interview

Shane PattonCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2010

Tiger Woods has had to face many challenges and distractions this year. His embarrassing affairs, his loss of potential income, and the divorce from the wife of his two children have created a whirlwind of negative publicity.

Being scolded by his older brother on television was one thing I am sure Tiger didn’t need heading into this year’s Ryder Cup.

You read it right! Tiger Woods has a brother (snuck that one by the goalie! I had no idea!) and he is now speaking out about his brother's infidelity and shattered marriage.

Earl Jr. (Tiger's half brother from Earl Sr.'s previous marriage) spoke of the disappoint he had after learning about Tigers affairs. Earl Jr. said he was disappointed in Tiger's behavior and believed his father, Earl Sr. would have felt the same way.

Earl Jr. did not just talk about Tiger's father, but also brought his mother, Tida into the conversation stating he believed that Tida is the one behind Tiger's aggressive and killer instinct on the golf course.

Earl Jr. went on to mention Tida's desire for Tiger to humiliate and embarrass his opponents when facing them out on the course.

I wasn’t sure if Tiger would play well at Celtic Manor this weekend, but I do know he didn’t need “family” to come out and add fuel to the media fire already raging at the Ryder Cup.

It will be interesting to see how Tiger responds to this latest "tabloid-type" interview.

I guess we can all assume Earl Jr. will not be receiving an invite to Christmas at Tiger's place this year.