Are Miami Fans Expecting Too Much Too Soon?

solarcane outhereContributor IAugust 16, 2008

Distilling the Kool-Aid


In a broad sense when you distill something you remove the impurities. What if something tastes fine just the way it is? Do you mess around with it until you have destroyed the basic recipe?


We Canes fans have drunk our fill of 150-proof Hurricane Kool Aid over the past two seasons. We slurped up that sweet nectar as Coach Nix fixed the offense.


Help yourself to seconds my friend, Tim Walton is running the D to perfection. We poured the Kool Aid down our throats and wiped our chins with the backs of our hands. Captain Jack Sparrow had to be nodding his head in approval.


“Hell yea lets rip their names right off their backs! “We clamored as we slugged back another round.



“Oklahoma? Please!...we might just roll sixty on those impostors."


“The ACC won’t know what hit them! The Boss is running the show now!"


The Kool-Aid we were brewing was smooth as satin and more intoxicating than any sippin' whiskey they were pouring in the hills of the SEC.


So here we are again, gathered up on the front porch for a little social imbibing. This time we have a whole new batch that just trickled out of the pipe. The crazy juice is ready for tasting.



This time, we are going to pour it through cheese cloth just to strain away the real big sugar lumps that have blinded us like diabetics munching on Hershey Bars.


Robert Marve has the potential to be one of the very best. He is confident. He is polished. He is ready.


That is all he is…really, that’s it.  Don’t retire his number or build bonfires just yet, let’s give him a chance.



Any Team in the ACC would have beaten Tampa Plant High School to a pulp. Look at things in perspective when you say these guys have been in big games.


Big high school games and  big college games are molehills and mountains in terms of rewards the school reaps.



Marve isn’t going to be playing against guys he is head-and-shoulders above in talent or experience his first year out. 


Brandon Harris has the potential to be one of the very best. Confident, polished, ready. Cut him some slack, he just got out of high school.


Harris is another guy that will have more pressure put on him to perform than he deserves as a freshman.


He has never covered ANYONE in a college game. Harris’ work ethic and knowledge gives him the same potential Marve has, for the same reasons.


Jacory Harris? OK, Jacory is realistically more prepared to take on the pressure of carrying a complete team and coaches on his back than any of the other freshmen.


Harris has been through the turmoil at MNW and the pressure of directing a team to a national championship. There is no Kool Aid here. It's truth serum.


Bill Young, like Jacory, is sugar-free. The defense will be better and maybe even outstanding. No need to elaborate here, everyone is positive this unit will shine.


The Randy?


Being the most loyal Cane doesn’t make you a great head coach. If Shannon steps in at critical times during games and makes ”a game changing performance“ happen this season he will be ahead of last year’s less than spectacular coaching debut.


Shannon has the team believing they are Canes and that in itself can be the fuse that lights the fire.


Shannon has the respect and loyalty of this year’s team. If he keeps focused and doesn’t lose them like late last year, he does better than the 8-4 record I predicted.


Anyone ready for another round? I’m buying.









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