Thomas vs. Leaf Addicts: Dissecting YOUR Opinions

Thomas BlackContributor IOctober 4, 2010

Kadri will have to contribute for the Leafs to make the playoffs
Kadri will have to contribute for the Leafs to make the playoffsPhillip MacCallum/Getty Images

I will now be starting an article series that will be analyzing what you have said about our beloved team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. I will pick out some of your opinions in your own articles and the comments section and examine them. I will put the article the quote is found in and then put the author of that quote.


This could be a great way for yourself to get known on this site as well as to see me scrutinize your opinions in one of my articles. This will also be a great way to get some more insight on the Leafs. I could oppose or agree with your so expect anything. I will also give a grade your statement. This will be based on a number of things such as if the statement came true, logic, support and so on.


I would love to see your opinions on my opinions of your opinions. For people who don’t understand that, I would love to see comments. Now on to the good stuff:


Nazem Kadri Plays Left Wing Tonight: One‑Time Thing or Permanent?

Brad LeClair-Article

“With this move to the wing tonight, it will more than likely spell the end of Nazem Kadri's preseason with the Leafs.


One thing to note here is that it's not out of the realm of possibilities that Kadri playing the wing could be a permanent thing neither. He has great speed, skill and uses his wiry frame quite well. He definitely does have a game that translates well to playing the wing as well. However, a move to the wing still seems wrong to me.”


Well, we all know the first sentence is wrong. Kadri preseason was not over with the Leafs. He started on a line with Grabovski and Kulemin on Friday. Well, Brad probably didn’t expect 3 points (against Ottawa) from a position Kadri hasn’t played in a while. Yes, it is a possibility that Kadri could permanently move to the wing for the rest of his career. I believe that it is best for him and the team to develop him as a C. Kadri has the playmaking ability that our future top line C needs. Kadri does have great speed and skill. I just hope that wiry frame can become 200 pounds by next years training camp. Then he can use it even better as he would not be knocked off the puck as easily. He does seem like a good fit for the wing as he showed it in the game vs. Ottawa. Thing is, if he switches to the wing. We only have Bozak as a possible 1st line C. Then we are very scarce down the middle. It does seem wrong to me as well. Overall it is a  good analysis Brad, except for the first sentence.

Grade: B



NHL Preseason: Nazem Kadri Silences Critics for Now

david barrington-Comment

“My mind thinks to let him start the season but my gut tells me he should go to the AHL. Maybe they should let him play the first line or the second line for the rest of the preseason and if he still has 3 points a game, I would give him a chance to start the season but I have no influence over Ron Wilson or Brian Burke and I think they will send him down till after Christmas. They think he has a lot more to learn and going to the AHL is not a bad thing.”


I think the exact same way. David that is because the media has forced you to believe that Kadri is ready for the NHL, but your gut is telling you otherwise. That is the way all of us Leaf fans think about the situation with Kadri. We all want him to start in the NHL but we know he’s not ready. As Wilson has already said, Kadri’s playing like a junior out there. If the Leafs want to have any shot at the playoffs then they will try to win as many games as possible early in the season. That will hopefully happen without Kadri. They will let him play in the top 6 the rest of the pre-season to see what he can do and get the most ice-time. Well, he already has a chance to start the season. The thing is Wilson does not care if Kadri has 3 points a game. This is a developing year for him and they want to develop his defense. Getting 3 points a night does not help his defense at all. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, Kadri was on the ice for all 3 of Ottawa’s goals. Sending him down until after Christmas is the best thing for Kadri. GOING TO THE AHL IS NOT A BAD THING. FOR KADRI IT IS GOOD. That is what should happen no matter how many points he puts up. He should be gone to the Marlies to work on his D. It is as simple as improving your weaknesses. Leafs management is dealing with this kid very well because they know what type of player he will be if you know what I mean…



That was the first addition of my series. I hoped you liked it. Watch what you say on B/R Leaf fans, because I will be dissecting it. I wouldn’t mind any comments/questions/critique and I will work on some more.


Until next time,



(Mark Ritter is smiling right now because I used his endingJ)