Oakland Raiders: I Thought It Was JaMarcus' Fault

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

The Begotten Son
The Begotten SonJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

I hate to say I told you so, Raider Nation...who am I kidding, I love it! The Raiders were supposed to be "a playoff team" in the absence of the "biggest bust" in NFL history in JaMarcus Russell. Four games into the season and the Raiders have the same record despite playing FAR less competitive teams.

Last season the Raiders opened up the season as the marquee matchup against the vaunted San Diego Chargers. They were supposed to get throttled. It didn't happen.

Russell and the Raiders valiantly struggled through Tom Cable's pathetically predictable offensive scheme and John Marshall's baby-soft zone D to mangle the San Diego Chargers on national television.

These same players who look so miserable on the field this season sent numerous Charger bodies aching prematurely to the training room.

They would have beaten the Chargers soundly if it wasn't for a crucial drop by Oakland's favorite son, Louis Murphy (sound familiar?). We all know the Raiders were robbed. Many in Raider Nation considered that a victory.

So in essence after beating the Chiefs in the next game, the Raiders would have been 2-2 after four games, which is better than their current record under the saviour.

Despite the glaring deficiencies in coaching, organization, execution, blocking, catching, and execution, Raider Nation decided to turn on their own under the direction of overzealous, deceptive media outlets whom have magically disappeared from media criticism of the Raiders although they are worse this year at this point than last.

Chaz Schilens is still injured. Robert Gallery is ALWAYS injured. Michael Bush injured his pinky toenail. Higgins can't see the field. Thomas Howard sits behind bums like Trevor Scott and Quentin Groves. Murphy can't catch. Gradkoski is Gradkoski. And Raider Nation is confounded.

At least when Russell was here we had someone to blame. Now who can we aim at? ESPN? When was the last time the Raiders got an interception or a fumble recovery? Can't even remember.

Why does Raider Nation not appreciate Chris Johnson, who made play after play in his limited time as a starter and now sits behind Stanford "get" Routted? Why can't Michael Huff tackle? Michael Huff couldn't tackle a fish hook.

Where is Nnamdi Island? Has anyone ever been there? What good is a good player who never gets used? Does Cable have anymore excuses? Why is Hue Jackson's playcalling the same as Tom Cable's playcalling? Why do Raider fans still go to games? Why do I have to watch the Chargers every week? I hate them.

Where is JaMarcus Russell? Maybe the Raiders can get him on a discount. We need someone to blame.