Dear WWE: Please Don't Screw CeNexus Up

Christy BarberContributor IIOctober 4, 2010

BURBANK, CA - NOVEMBER 30:  Pro-wrestler John Cena arrives at the Inagural 'Arby's Action Sports Awards' held at Center Staging on November 30, 2006 in Burbank, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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As many of us know last night at WWE's Hell In A Cell PPV Wade Barrett defeated John Cena. With his defeat John Cena must join Nexus. It was the turning point that many thought they would never see. Cena joining a heel stable was laughed at. Cena was the WWE's golden boy; the WWE wouldn't put their top draw in a heel faction ever. Well ladies and gents it's happened. W

ith this shift in the everyday world of the WWE, we may finally get the excitement and unpredictability that has so eluded us for so long. When was the last time any of you got excited for Monday Night Raw? We finally have something to look forward to. We finally may see John Cena heel! Although I may be reaching here, a girl can dream can't she? Anyways heres my statement to the WWE: please DON'T screw this up!

I already have my prediction for how this little storyline will play out. John Cena comes out to the ring in his usual "CeNation" gear. He salutes the crowd and we hear a little sappy promo about he didn't get the job done last night. Then, while Cena is in mid-promo, we hear Nexus' theme song.

Out comes Nexus; lead by Wade Barrett to a chorus of boos from the audience. Barrett gets on the mic and tells Cena that he will no longer be wearing those putrid shirts anymore. He introduces Cena to his brand new Nexus shirt and armband.

Cena looks around and sadly takes off his "CeNation" shirts and armbands. He takes the Nexus shirt and armband and reluctantly puts them on. After this the guys that cost Cena the match comes out and we are introduced to the new and improved Nexus.

Doesn't that little prediction sound like an awesome way to kick off RAW? You're probably wondering how the WWE can possibly screw this up. Stranger things have happened folks. WWE is known for flushing what seemed like great storylines down the toilet. SES anyone? You see John Cena wasn't put in Nexus to turn him heel. He was put there to increase ratings and Nexus merchandise.

How many adults will buy Nexus gear because of Cena joining and supposedly turning heel. I can almost guarantee that Cena will  destroy Nexus from the inside out. Cena will reluctantly help Nexus beat up on other guys and help Nexus win matches. After a while Cena may change the opinion of his fellow Nexus members and try to establish a way to bring Wade Barrett down.

Can you guys really take Justin Gabriel seriously as a heel? How about Heath Slater? Didn't think so. Cena could easily influence them into turning on Wade Barrett and splitting from Barrett's control. Now that Nexus has 8 members we may see a Team Cena vs Team Barrett and Survivor Series.

Team Cena may feature Cena, Gabriel, Slater, and Harris. Team Barrett may feature Barrett, Otunga, Tarver, and Hening( sorry, can't spell his ridiculous last name). This is one direction that the WWE may go in.

On the other hand, they could completely shock everyone and turn John Cena heel. Let's say that at Bragging Rights it's Nexus vs RAW vs SD! It's down to Cena and Barrett on team Nexus. After being eliminated; it's down to Cena. Cena looks reluctant at first and tries to get counted out. After being forced in the ring, we see Cena smile in an evil way and completely destroy whoever happens to be in the ring at the time with him.

After hitting the Attitude Adjustment, Cena and Nexus get the victory. The next night on RAW we see Cena cutting an amazing heel promo. He states that he was tired of fans booing him and decided to give them something to boo.

He says that a new era has begun in the WWE; the CeNexus era. After this we see many CeNexus attacks and eventually the CeNexus cost Randy Orton the WWE Championship. This leads to the much anticipated Cena vs Orton WM 27 match.

I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that the latter of the two is what everyone wants to see. It's up to the WWE on whether or not Cena will turn heel or eventually destroy Nexus from the inside. Let's hope that the WWE realizes what they have and capitalize on it. We've waited six LONG years to Cena heel and now is the perfect time. So please WWE DON'T screw this up.