Commander's Call: Why Alabama Will Play in the Sugar Bowl

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2010

4'11 Nick Saban gets "Low" demonstrating how to do a QB center "exchange."
4'11 Nick Saban gets "Low" demonstrating how to do a QB center "exchange."Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Call it a hunch, call it intuition, or listening to your instincts and making the right decision in the blink of an eye.

Just like during the 2009 football season, I am sure a good bit of Alabama fans had that national championship "feeling" early on.

Then again, most Alabama fans are pretentious and would believe that "feeling" after a 1-2 start, so probably not the best analogy.

Just like Auburn fans knew early on in 2004 that the team was unbeatable, I knew last year there was no way after the Tennessee game that Alabama would lose. They were not only a "great" team; they were also "lucky," and all of that rolls up into a dream season.

2009 was a dream season: Mark Ingram won the university's first Heisman Trophy, and the football team won its record 13th national championship. Things couldn't look any more promising at the beginning of this season, but the Achilles heel is exposed.

Sadly the dream ends for Alabama players, coaches, and fans alike as reality checks will be cashed come November.

As the season progresses, I won't predict a Crimson Tide collapse; they're too well coached for that.  

I will, however, state the following:

An Auburn revival has begun right before the Tide Nation's very eyes, and the majority of them are in denial...sad, borderline pathetic, consummated denial of the explosive play by the cross-state rival.

Not only does the best player in the SEC, Cam Newton, deliver electric highlight reels, he is also the glue holding the team together. This team really turns on the jets when they see the goal line. He sets the standard with 18-feet TD leaps!

Thanks to a bevy of running backs, the most "underrated" wide receiver corps, and an offensive system that cruises through defenses like a bag lady through Dreamland's dumpster!

I get the "too early, too soon" concern from the majority of the Auburn Nation. "Don't jinx it," and to that I say, "Grow a pair!" It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to figure out our team has significant and amazing team chemistry—the cornerstone of a championship team.

Not to mention Auburn has the conference's "hardest-hitting defense," which in turn means something—something more than the occasional out of position defensive back. They come to work with a blue-collar, beat a team into submission mentality. Works for me...

Auburn beats Bama to secure SEC Championship game, 35-24


Voodoo's way too early to predict BCS Bowl Predictions

BCS Title Game: Auburn vs. Oregon—It's my article!

Fiesta Bowl: West Virginia vs. Oklahoma—This is all that's available?  

Rose Bowl: Iowa vs. Nebraska—Booooooring and typical

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Boise State—Just what the doctor ordered: a one-loss Alabama complaining about playing an unworthy 13-0 Broncos team...not wise.

Orange Bowl: Ohio State vs. TCU—Another David and Goliath matchup.


Hope you enjoyed the Tuesday evening Commander's Call.  

Stay tuned for:  

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