Did Bill Belichick Mastermind the Vincent Jackson Trade Block to the Vikings?

Kyle T. Mosley@SaintsNewsCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

How did Belichick mastermind the Moss trade?
How did Belichick mastermind the Moss trade?Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Did Bill Belichick block the Vincent Jackson trade to the Vikings?

One of the ESPN analysts (I believe it was Chris Mortensen) tweeted this morning that the "Vikings and Patriots have been discussing the Randy Moss trade for weeks."

Remember, A.J. Smith, the Chargers GM, declined to trade Vincent Jackson to the Vikings before the NFL-imposed deadline a few weeks ago. The reason: It was not "suitable" for the Chargers.

Hypothesis: Did Smith and Belichick concoct a scheme for New England to land an additional draft pick from the Vikings and package a deal with one of their 2011 high draft choices and send those multiple picks to the Chargers for Jackson to the Pats? Plausible and most likely. This is the NFL.

Smith and Belichick are crafty personnel guys. When Moss started to complain about his contract and exposed his frustrations to the media, he was placed on Bill's hit list. He crossed the coach, a coach that does not care about emotions or loyalty—just winning.

If the Pats land Jackson and give him an extension, it will provide Tom Brady with a younger and more consistent downfield target.

Would I have traded Moss? No! But I don't have several high draft picks up my sleeve like Ol' Bill. This may be his most influential move to date. It could be his costliest move as well.

However, he does have to face Randy Moss and Brett Favre in November. How will that play out for the Pats? Time will tell.

Expect a Vincent Jackson sighting in New England in a few weeks.

Kyle T. Mosley of SaintsNews.net and NFLHuddle.com

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