The Poison Spreads: How Bragging Rights Can Propel the Nexus

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2010

As everyone knows, Bragging Rights features RAW versus Smackdown. I was thinking about how John Cena recently joined and how Tarver was said to be out of the group as Wade Barrett "was thinking about getting rid of him."

That leaves only Slater, Gabriel, Sheffield, and Otunga—pending what his role comes to be. If it is true and Tarver is out, that means two guys have left and only Cena has replaced them. Yes, I am aware Cena is the equivalent of both of these guys and it seems even, but if the Nexus really is to leave a mark they need more guys...especially on Smackdown.

I am really hoping that during the next PPV they have something that shows life of someone on Smackdown wanting to be in the Nexus.

There are a few guys I had in mind for starting this.

Chris Masters really has nothing going for him right now and would be a great replacement for Tarver since he is about three kinds of huge. He was a way better heel than whatever he is doing now and would fit in perfectly as a version of Tyson Tomko was in a problem solver for the Nexus.

Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes would be a perfect fit in the Nexus in the fact that they really need some gold in that group. Both good heels and "Dashing" could even help them out with some stuff so they could be the "Dashing Nexus."

Kofi Kingston would be another good one because not only does he need something badly, but it could help him get the IC belt back from Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler is another one because he has the belt; he just needs to drop Vicky and pick up that new chick.

So Bragging Rights is a big one for the Nexus and could even possibly show us if it will stay for a while or not. The only question is: Will the Nexus get more people on Smackdown?