Minnesota Vikings: Vikes' 'Big Three' Are Taking Their Talents To Twin Cities

Tommy TorkelsonCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2010

Randy Moss and The New Look Vikings
Randy Moss and The New Look Vikings

Over the summer, the two biggest stories were the return of Brett Favre, and LeBron James' "Decision" to join new teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. The new trio in Miami were dubbed "The Big Three." In Minnesota, a "Big Three" of their own, was in the works.

There are some loose similarities between the two teams' cores coming together.

For the Heat, they went out and signed their prized free agent James, and Bosh later followed suit.

Of course, Adrian Peterson was drafted by the Vikings, but we can call him Wade in this analogy. He's the established team star.

But, going back to 2009's NFL offseason, in July, there was talk that Favre would be coming to the Minnesota Vikings; he's James in this analogy. The Vikings sent out the full court press to get him to come to the team, having players call him, coach Brad Childress flew down to see him in his home to make his pitch, and finally, Favre decided to "take his talents" to the Twin Cities, if you will.

As the 2009 season continued, the Vikings looked good, but not as good as they had hoped. They hoped, to be Super Bowl good. As fate would have it, Favre struggled at the end of the NFC championship game, throwing an ill-advised pass across his body into the waiting hands of New Orleans safety Tracy Porter.

Having their season end so crushingly, the Vikings knew they needed one more piece. They needed their Bosh, if you will.

I know, I know. Bosh, James, and Wade all signed with the Heat at the same time. Work with me here...

Owner Zygi Wilf, much like Heat president Pat Riley, saw a chance to get the final pieces together.

Wilf and the Vikings front office watched as New England's disgruntled receiver Randy Moss became available on the trading block.

Now, with target in sight, the Vikings made their move, trading for their former first-round pick and All-Pro wideout from 1998-2004.

With a trade completed to send Moss back home, the Vikings completed their "Big Three."

The trio of Favre, Moss, and Adrian Peterson has Vikings fans hoping that the season will be Super.

Questions have come up about the Miami "Big Three," about how the ball will be distributed game to game, with all three of their players capable of taking a game over scoring-wise.

Now, the same issue could surface in Minneapolis, but the safe bet is against it.

Favre has one of his favorite players of all time to throw to now, as he's longed to do for so many years.

Favre was pushing the Packers management in 2005 and 2007 to acquire Moss, but both pushes were unsuccessful, as Moss went to Oakland, and the Patriots respectively.

Moss, has everything to gain and to prove, this year. He's been "fired" three times now in his career, and still carries the same chip on his shoulder he did when he was a rookie out of Marshall in 1998—the season the Vikings finished 15-1, falling in the NFC championship game.

With all the pieces in place, Favre has the weapons he needs to chase that elusive second Super Bowl ring, the one he's been in pursuit of since winning his first in 1996.

Just as the Miami Heat are expected to do great things and light up the scoreboard in South Beach, the same expectations will now face the Vikings' new core.

And as we saw recently with the debut of the new Heat, a "Big Three" can work. Wade went down with a hamstring injury early in their first preseason game together, but as predicted, James and Bosh were able to put up plenty of points together, in a 105-89 Heat win over the Pistons on Oct. 6.

Can the Vikings replicate this sort of success early (minus injury) this Monday night against Favre's former team the New York Jets?

We'll have to wait and see for that, but Moss' debuts for new teams have been quite welcoming parties over the years.

His first game as a rookie with the Vikings? Four catches, 95 yards, and two touchdowns in a season-opening win, 31-7 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How did he play in his first game sporting the silver and black of the Raiders?

Five catches, 131 yards, and a touchdown.

And, his first game in New England? Nine catches, 181 yards, and his lone score was a 51-yard touchdown.

See where I'm going with this?

Favre is currently sitting on a career total of 499 touchdown passes. Moss might be on the receiving end of No. 500.

Not only does Favre now have an elite passing option while Sidney Rice is still recovering and rehabbing after his surgery, he also will have arguably the best WR core going into the playoffs, if Moss proves to be the catalyst everyone is looking for him to be in this sinking offense, which has been carried in large, by Peterson's 394 rushing yards.

The Vikings have made an investment. The Heat made an investment. They've both said, that this year, we're pushing all our chips in the pot, and going for a ring.

Bosh and James, are ring-less. Wade, won his only ring with Shaquille O'Neal back in 2006.

Favre, has been chasing his second ring since 1996, and neither Peterson nor Moss, have a Super Bowl ring. It will take a full effort from all three, and the rest of the team, to achieve their goals this season.

As Henry Ford once said, If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.