al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IOctober 8, 2010

AL..THIS IS A TOP 10 CAR FOR SURE !Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Yes, let’s give those nostalgic NASCAR fans their own series, one that will give them the chance to race.

Let’s get started.

The first thing you need to do is go to a “buy here, pay here” used-car lot, purchase a good late-model used car, if you have an excellent credit history you may want to buy a new car, that of course would make you an elite team.

You also need to look for a one-ton crew cab, that will get your car to the track and look cool doing it, if it’s a little rusty just paint the rust black , it will make it look newer.

If you are lucky enough to get a sponsor look for a 21-foot Coleman trailer, you know the one with the rusted bent TV antenna on the roof, those are easy to find, you may have to get it off the blocks and buy new tires.

Now you’re ready to go racing , Bugeeddii, bugeediii, well you know, whatever he says.

Ok, I understand that scenario has been happening from day one in every local track throughout the USA.

Is that what the NASCAR fan base mean when they say” getting back to the roots“ ?

Honestly, I respect the sentiment of the so-called NASCAR hardcore fans, they all believe the good all days were he best, and they may be right, but those days are gone forever.

This are different times.

Folks, the pet rock and the hula hoop will be back before the old NASCAR days, you may even see a dinosaur or two.

I feel bad for the base, I don’t know what can be done to give them a bit of the good old days.

I personally don’t like seeing drivers come into a race in their Lear jets or fancy cars, but what can we do, it is what it is and is.

I do like looking at their beautiful wives and girlfriends or boyfriends (woo Nelly! did I say boyfriends? Hey , who am I to judge .. ) wearing designer clothes and cool glasses, I also like the different personalities in the sport, and the fact they can do an interview without embarrassing themselves, this all adds to the entertainment value of the event .

Can you picture Jeff Gordon and his Supermodel wife driving to the track in the back of mamas old truck?

Of course not or as JPM would say “hell no”

Look, if you like the old days, good for you , go and enjoy them, but for me, I like air conditioning , indoor plumbing , wall to wall carpeting , my 61-inch hi-def. TV, I like drinking a cold beer, and most of all I like these new race cars.

I love what NASCAR gives me for entertainment…. A GOOD SOAP OPERA.

As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.