Broncos at Ravens Preview: Go Deep Young Men! Tebow May See Limited Time

D. WebbCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

Kyle Orton has shown this year that he can make defenses pay deep
Kyle Orton has shown this year that he can make defenses pay deepDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

I know this is late but I wanted to get it out there to be on record. This week I don't have any insider game plan on what the Broncos WILL do. I usually just end up being wrong because of changes in active personnel or the "Plan" having to be adjusted.

Instead I will put in my two cents on what the Broncos SHOULD do to get a win in Baltimore.

As Broncos fans all know last year Denver went into the Ravens house 6-0 and riding high. I was very vocal about that game as being a do or die game for Kyle Orton. I speculated that Baltimore's biggest weakness was the Deep Ball and misdirection. I screamed for stretching the field with Royal and Marshall: Screamed for play action, roll-outs and misdirection backside passes.

To save time and characters lets just say  "DITTO". Those same things are what will be the keys to winning this game.

This year it is even more evident that Baltimore can be had deep and double moves. No Domineque Foxworthy and Ed Reed makes the job easier than it was last year!

Also to my admitted surprise Orton has shown the ability to do those things and with some consistency. Orton has the most passed over 25 yards in the league this year and this time they are legitimate "in the air" throws over 25.

Also we have more than just one threat at wide out to cause them fits. Lloyd, royal, and Gaffney are all 100 yard 10 catch threats and often it has been more than one in a game. Add in the speed and power of guys like Thomas and the precision and hands of Decker and it could make for a long day for the Ratbirds DBs.

As Gerry Sandusky, the voice of the Ravens, just said on a NFL Network report, the Ravens defense, first against the pass, hasn't faced a pass first offense yet this year and certainly not one that gets off the bus throwing the Rock. Sandusky called the Broncos a "Top Shelf" pass offense with multiple receiving threats.

This just in, Jason La Canfora just spoke to Brian Xanders and asked if their was a chance we would see a "Tebow Package" today. To paraphrase Jason- "Brian wouldn't commit, he just looked at me and chuckled. My (Jason) take from that was you could very well see Tebow on the filed here or there"

To me this game feels like De Ja Vu all over again. Broncos must go into Baltimore to face a tough Ravens team that is suspect to the deep ball. It is a critical game to how the season could go. Blah Blah Blah saying it all again this year lol.

At the end of this game if we execute the offense the way we can, give Orton some protection, get the ball deep to loosen up the defense, we have a good chance of running some and more importantly winning the game.

Prediction: Broncos 27 Raven 17 (Almost said said 20)

Let's not this call this a prediction lets just say that Tebow cold play a part in this game with his versatility and talent. If there has been a team so far that he could make a difference in limited role against it's the Over Pursuing Ravens Defense. Just a thought.