Alabama's Loss to South Carolina Opens SEC Race

D MarlerContributor IOctober 10, 2010

COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 9: Coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide directs play against the South Carolina Gamecocks October 9, 2010 at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

"These are the facts of this case and these facts are irrefutable"

-Kevin Bacon in "A Few Good Men"



Alabama just played three consecutive Top-20 opponents.

Two of those three games were away games.

Steve Spurrier was the first of six consecutive SEC Coaches who will have the week off before playing Alabama this year

Can’t win ‘em all.


Now for the opinion portion of the proceedings, and yes I worded it that way just to mess with you…

Alabama’s next three opponents are Ole Miss, Tennessee, and an off-week. That’s 3-0, and I don’t care how you slice it.

So Auburn fans, before you rush home from that snakepit that is Lexington, Ky to roll Toomer’s corner in celebration of Bama’s loss—I mean your win over the Wildcats—you may want to remember that you have Arkansas, LSU, Georgia, and 'Bama left on the slate. Now I know that you don’t have to travel to Fayetteville, Baton Rouge, or Athens (Auburn only has four road games this year: Miss. St., Kentucky, Ole Miss, and Bama), but you got a little football ahead of you.

LSU fans, you don’t get off so easily either. Yeah, you won in the swamp with some more of that weird Les Miles voodoo, but you’ve still got Arkansas, Auburn, 'Bama, and Les Miles as your coach. Remember that 'Bama beat the Gators by 25.

Ole Miss fans, I’m not even going to let you into to the conversation due to the fact that you are considering changing your mascot to the “Land Shark.” That’s weirder than Heidi Klum and Seal.

Mississippi State fans, I’m going to have to leave you out as well because you’ve lost too many games already. The Oakland Raiders would have losses with that schedule ya’ll play. My hats off to ya.

Which leaves us with Arkansas.

Arkansas will play their second consecutive road game, having just left Dallas, Texas with a win over Texas A & M. Did you enjoy all that glitz and glamour? Do you want some more of it? To get it you have to beat Auburn (at Auburn of course), South Carolina (in Columbia), and LSU at home. Additionally you will need help from some of those teams you hate. All of that is possible, but it begins with a 2:30 CST showdown with Auburn this Saturday.

Ain’t the SEC fun?