Florida State Bashes the Miami Hurricanes: What Went Wrong?

David MayerCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 9: Jermaine Thomas #38 pats Christian Ponder #7 on the head as he is held by Andrew Datko #67 of the Florida State Seminoles after scoring a touchdown against the Miami Hurricanes on October 9, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. The Seminoles defeated the Hurricanes 45-17. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

As a lot of you know I predicted a blow out. 

I was partially correct.  It was a blow out; it's just my prediction was for the wrong team.

After having a month between home games and a sellout crowd behind Miami's back, I figured there was going to be no way the Seminoles came in and beat them.

Boy was I wrong.

Ill be the first to admit when I'm wrong.  I have no shame in what I write or who I root for.  I do, however, have shame for a team that doesn't come to play.

I'm not taking away from how the Seminoles played, they played great, but as flat as Miami came out, even the Gators could have put up 30+ points on us, and we know how bad their offense is.

There are so many holes that the Seminoles exposed, starting with the missed tackles, yet again.

There was no doubt the Seminoles offensive line controlled the game; they continually pushed Miami's front four out of way, which led to great running by the Seminoles (41 rushes for 298 yards).

As the defensive line for the Hurricanes was getting trucked, the linebackers and defensive backs were missing tackles left and right, reminiscent of the tackling performance against Ohio State.

It's so embarrassing to watch a big college school constantly miss tackles, week-in and week-out.  Miami needs to learn their assignments, wrap up and tackle, and stop worrying about making the big hit.

Other obvious problems with the Hurricanes include the wide receivers and quarterback.

Jacory Harris, although he only threw one interception, is a problem.  Plain and simple.

Harris had plenty of time in the backfield as Miami's offensive line once again played a solid game. It was just unfortunate that Harris couldn't find his receivers, and when he did, it was either a poor thrown ball or the receivers simply missed the catch.

Miami needs to look at starting Spencer Whipple for the starting quarterback.  I have backed up Harris long enough and with Miami's struggles on offense they need to get some time to Whipple, who I believe is better than Alonzo Highsmith.

The Hurricanes also need to get some serious time to other wide receivers on the team.  There were another six or seven dropped balls against the Seminoles.  Miami has plenty of good wide receivers that they can try.

Tommy Streeter and Kendal Thompkins need to get on the field.

Again the play calling by Mark Whipple was ridiculous.  The constant runs up the middle and counters are seriously getting old. Miami needs to revamp their offensive scheme and start running more outside.

Where are the pitches and sweeps to the outside?  Miami has the speed and power to have a successful run game; they just need different plays.

There were only a couple of positives that came out of the game starting with the offensive line.

Once again the offensive line played an overall good game.  They gave plenty of time to Harris to throw the ball, limiting the No. 1 sack team in the country to just one sack. 

Another positive note was the return of Craig Cooper.  He provided a little spark with his energy in the third quarter

Although he only had two carries for 22 yards, you could sense how much he meant to the Hurricanes.

So overall the game was a blow out.  Miami losing 45-17 at home was pathetic.  Miami needs to work out their issues if they want any chance at a rematch with Florida State in the ACC Championship.