Top 50 Current Baseball Players (Still Playing)

Patrick GreenCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

SEATTLE - AUGUST 27:  David Ortiz #34 of the Boston Red Sox hits a solo home run in the sixth inning against the Seattle Mariners August 27, 2006 at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. The hit was the first in the game for the Red Sox.  (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

50. Ian Kinsler- The athletic, talented Second Baseman, defintley deserves a spot on this list. His power didn't really show this year, but is ability to hit the ball and his awesome skills in the field got him on this list. It was very close call between him and his power hitting teammate Nellie Cruz, but in the end the numbers show who got the spot. Ian Kinsler DL time defintly put him down on the list,  but after seeing that Post Season homeruns off Matt Garza it was clear to be than Kinsler was on this list.

49. Adam Dunn- If you were averaging 40 HR a year I think you deserve a spot. Adam Dunn has been the man for the Washington Nats. He also showed his loyatly to the nationals this year by refusing to be traded at the Trade Deadline to a play off contending team. Dunn has done alot on the Nats, his power got him a spot at # 49.

48. Jose Reyes- The speedy, shortstop, from NY. " Jose, Jose, Jose," even developed his own theme song in NY by being there lead-off man. His contact, and speed has made him the man he is today. Has lead the league in triples, and stolen base. And average an average of over .280 almost every year. His incredible fielding too, has been a signature ability for Jose.

47. John Lester- The lefty from Boston has been through the worst, battling cancer. He also through a no-hitter back in 2007. John Lester has been arguably the best pitcher for the Redsox in the 2009-2010 season.But always is put in the number 2 starting role next to Josh Beckett. But next year it is bound to chsnge.

46. Jose Bautista- The Homerun King (54 HR) made his name known this season. His low AVG, was made up for by his monster bat that lead him to hit 54 long balls knocked out of the park. He moved from batting 8th to becoming the number three hitter on the Toronto Bluejays.

45. Justin Veralnder- He not shy to pitching 100 + mph fastballs, and a nasty Curveball, that make hitter wide open eyed, jawed dropped. 2009 AL strikeout leader. Verlander's excellent pitching and flamethrowing arm has earned himself a spot on the top 50.

44. Torri Hunter- Gold Glove is two words I would use to describe Torri Hunter. One of the best fielders in the gamt to day, Torri Hunter crawled himself into spot number 45. Torri Hunter is also an amazing hitter, averaging over 25 hr a season, and a .274 total average. A 2010 All-Star. A combination of excellent hitting and good hitting Torri Hunter come in at 45.

43. Kendry Morales- Let me tell you something, this man would have been 2010 HR king. If had not been injured in a walk-off HR celebration. Kendry Morales is the fastest rising young talent in baseball. Good fielder and awesome hitter, he's on the list this year.

42. Adrian Gonzalez- The Padres came out of no where. Leading the NL west for most of the 2010 season. And Adrian Gonzalez was a huge role in the Padres winning. His bat, blew away basball fans by hitting 40 home run in the 2009 season. Then this year he hit 30 + home runs this year. The number three Padres hitter is number 42.

41. Ryan Zimmerman- The third baseman for the Washington Nationals, has played a big role in the Washington Nationals. The number three hitter has been a force not to be reckon with ever since debuting back in 2005.

40. Dan Haren- The D-Backs number one pitcher, has now moved to Los Angeles, to become the number one pitcher for the Angels. His Split finger fastball is his signature pitch, witch has hitters swinging and missing badly.

39. Andre Either- Walk- OFF, Walk- OFF,Walk- OFF. Dang how many has this kid had. I lost track. 2010 All-Star, starting CF, became the first Dodger outfielder in the All- Star game in years. His hitting and milestones he has accomplished is why he is on this list.

38. Manny Ramirez- Indians, Redsox Dodgers, Whitesox. At least move somewhere closer. Come on Manny. His bat has said it all in his long Hall of Fame career. Over 500 home runs. Manny will always be Manny.

37. Brian McCann- He got the the hit that turned out to be the hit that won the 2010 all- star game. The first time the NL has won the All-Star game in 13 years! The Braves catcher, is an awesome  catcher. Not to mention a good hitter too. He just maybe the most popular Brave of all time.

36. Joey Votto- How did this kid not make the Summer classic known as the All- Star game? Joey Votto has a chance to become the MVP, for godness sakes. The talented first baseman, is the future Albert Pujols in my oponion.

35. Paul Konerko- The Whitesox first baseman hit 39 HR's this season. With a .300 + average. Paul bat is no secret to upper deck. He visit them often. The Sox clean up man is # 35 on this list.

34. Zach Gienke- 2009 AL Cy Young award winner, in 2009 ERA leader. would be way up there if he had a better season. The 2010 season was a HUGE!! Dissapointment. Before the 2010 season I would have said he would be in the top 10, but this season pushed him all the way down to number 34.

33. Kevin Youklis- Kevin Youklis glove speaks for itself. In fact Kevin Youklis currently holds the record for errorless games over at first base. Thats a huge accomplishments. The Gold Gloving first baseman also has a sweet swing averaging a total average of .292. He also has two season with + 25 Homeruns. In 2008 Kevin Youklis was one Homerun shy of hitting 30 Homeruns in a season. The # 3 hitter for the Redsox is humble, and kind, and play the game with his heart, and that is what makes him such a great hitter and fielder.

32. Justin Monreau- 2007 Homerun Derby winner, Justin Monreau is part of one of the greatest # 3 and # 4 hitter combo with Joe Mauer. Justin Monreau who was leading average, and was the all star starting 1st baseman for the 2010 All- Star game before he got injured. I'm not sure if i am correct but I think if Justin Monreau didnt get injured he would have lead average.

31. Ubaldo Jiminez- 2010 starting NL All-Star pitcher comes in at number 31. May just have the best stuff in the MLB. An awesome Curveball. And a fastball that will scare you Ubaldo Jimnez is defintly, one of the best pitchers of 2010. NL MVP Candiante ypu now know why.

30. Jimmy Rollins- The Phillies Shortstop is defintly one of the best fielders and hitters in the MLB today. In fact his playing was so good in 2007 Jimmy Rollins was selected to be 2007 Most Valuable Player for the National league. Jimmy rollins has lead stolen bases, at bats many times, and runs and triples. Jimmy Rollins is # 30.

29. David Price- Pitching in one of the biggest game in all of baseball. Game seven on the ALCS is against the Boston Redsox. Being the closer that alot of pressure. He faced the middle of the order and managed to get the save. He was also the AL all star starting pitcher.

28. Matt Holliday- Matt was the Colarodo Rockies best hitter. His action speaks louder than words. Leading the MLB in avg in 2007. That same season Matt Holiday lead the league in RBI, AVG, HIts, and Doubles. Matt Holliday bat is no lie with a total of an avg with .318. he has had two season with 30 + Home runs. Matt Holliday is not just a good hitter, but an awesome fielder too.

27. David Wright-" Is not just a good hitter, but a leader too." A quote from MLB 50 Prime. David Wright is known for his leadership, and his hitting. But it is off the field to witch makes him such a good player. David Wright runs many charity too. Wright had an off season last year, but came right back this season by hitting 29 HR with a .285 average.

26. Dustin Pedroia- The little man with a huge heart. Dustin Pedroia rookie of the year in 2007, then next year 2008 became 2008 AL Most Valuable Player. Two or three gold gloves sorry I'm not so sure about that one. Anyway Dustin Pedroia can do anything, due to his size. he had to prove himself two times harder than anyone else.

25. Adam Wainwright- 2009 Wins leader with 19 certainly has proved himself from the past two years. The young pitcher along with Chris Carpenter, make the best one two pitcher in the whole MLB. He has a ton of potentinoal and will continue to get better.

25. Carlos Beltran- Sorry I forgot about him I certaintly needed to squeeze him in there somewhere. Back on task Carlos Beltran's glove has been probbbly the best thing about him. The gold glover, as well as an amazing fielder, has a good bat too. With a career AVG of about 280. Also has about 280 career Homeruns too.

24. Chris Carpenter- 2005 NL CY Young award winner. Also has had a season, which some people have never even came close to coming to this accomplishment. Winning over 20 games in a season. Only a dream in some young pitchers life. Only the best of the best get this milestone. The future Hall of Famer is certainly one of the best pitcher in the world.

23. Ichro Suzuzki- The only person ever to have 200 hits + each every year, and to have over a .300 AVG every year.  The speedy gold glover. The best hitter and fielder to ever come out of Japan. That is Ichro Suzuki. The starting RF in the 2010 All-Star game. I say the best hitter for contact Ichro is.

22. Carl Crawford- The speedy LF with Gold Gloving calabar. Carl Crawford may be the fastest person in the MLB.  Carl Crawford has a career average of over .295. Carl Crawford has lead the league in triples and Stolen Base. 2010 All- Star is one of the best hitter in MLB,

21. Ryan Howard- Has played in the MLB for six years in those six years he has hit 250 + Homeruns that power alright. 2005 Rookie of the year and 2006 National Leauge Most Valuable Player in 2006, and 2008 Homerun Derby winner. During that Home Run Derby he was the first peson ever to hit the hit it here Homerun Derby sign.

TOP 20

20. Miguel Cabrera- The Detriot Tigers 1st Baseman, is a hitter who makes solid contact everytime. Also has that extra juice in his bat that give him the power to knock 30 Home Run per season. Not5 ot mention his athletic abiltiy to pull the ball. That is why Miguel Cabrera is number twenty.

19. Troy Tulowitzki- In 2009 Troy Tulowitzki hit 32 Home Runs. Will next season he was selected to be in the 2010 All-Star Game in LA, but injury prevented him from doing such so he had to sit on the bench and watch. He entered September with 13 Home Runs, from September 1st to October 3rd Troy Tulowitzki his 15 homeruns and ended up with 27 homeruns. If that not perserviance, I don't know what is.

18. Johan Santana- Started his career in Minnesota, in 2000 around the time of the steriod era. Will during that era, Johan Santana was honored with two Cy Young Awards. One in 2004 with the Twins that season he won 20 games. Then again in 2006.

17. Evan Longoria- Evan Longoria has no limit of potetinal, he is going to continue to get better each and every year. Evan is also the Tampa Bay Rays leader of the team. He is a quality hitter which he proved in 2009 when he hit 33 home runs and had a .281 average. Evan Longoria is also an excellent Third Baseman he executes his fundamentals so well in the field it's like he has been playing thrid base for years.

16. Chase Utley- The Post Season Phenomnon, Chase Utley broke the Philidelphia Phillis franchise record for Home Run in the Post Season. Like Roy Hallady said " The diffrence from the Bluejays and the Phillies is Chase Utley." " When Chase is doing bad the team does bad." Utley hittingnd fieliding are both part of the reason that makes him so great.

15. Mariona Riveria-When Riveria walks up to the plate, your first instinct is that the ball game. Mariono stuff is unhittable. Has the second most saves of all time next to Trevor Hoffman. And also has one of the lowest era of all time Riveria is one of the greatest pitcher ever to walk on that mound.

14. Felix Hernadez- A contender for the Cy Young award for the American League with a 12-11 record , Huh?` Well with a under 300 era and more than 200 strikeouts, well I think you know why he is such a big contender for the Cy Young award.

13. Derek Jeter- No question he is the best fielding shortstop of all time, for example diving  into the stands and coming out with blood on his face, and the ball in his glove, that has to be the best play ever. Not only is he a great fielder, he is also a fantastic hitter. With a career Avg of over 300 in the All - Star game in which he has been to many times. With a  career batting AVG of of .315, and was the 1996 Rookie of the year. Also a guy who plays to win. That Derek Jeter, the Future Hall of Famer.

12. Prince Fielder- Father like son many say. Being the only father son combo who both smashed 50 Home runs in a season. Prince Fielder the 2009 Home Run Derby winner. Comes in at 12.

11. Ryan Braun- Ryan Braun may be the most athletic player in the MLB to date. His three years in the major has lead himself to three All Star games. Now that is what I call Impressive. Rya Braun has a keen eye at the plate and is a tremendous fielder.

Top 10 Finally!

10. Cliff Lee- What really amazes me about this pitcher is his K to BB ratio. After the 2010 All-Star break I was watching the Redsox vs. Rangers game, and saw that his K to BB ratio was 24 strikeouts for every walk. The clostest person to him was Roy halladay with a 6 strikeouts for every walk that is what I call impressive. Don't forget Cliff Lee was Al CY Young Award winner for the American League, while he was on the Cleveland Indians.

9. Mark Texiera- The power hitting 1st baseman has the honors of batting third of the best team in Basbeall. Don't just think he is amazing hitter, mark texiera is a Gold Glover, and has one of the best gloves of all time.

8. Hanley Ramirez- Hanley, is the highest rank player among Major League Short Stops. In five years he has lead the league in AVG and in runs. Last year in AVG his lead leaguing AVG was .342. In 2006 he was also honored with Rookie of the Year honors.

7. Tim Lincecum- The Freak has one the National League CY Young award for the past two years. But this year unfournatley I do not think so. His stuff is the best in Major League.

6. Alex Rodriguez- The youngest player ever to hit five hundred Home Runs, and fourteen season with 30 + Home Runs, yeah A-Rod deserves to be on this list. The yankee third baseman is not just an amazing hittter but an good fielder too. A- Rod is so good and is on the road to becoming what every boy dreams about. A hall of Famer.

5. C.C Sabathia- The big lefty C.C Sabathia is one of the games best pitchers. He weighs 290 and is 6'8. C.C Sabathia was the 2007 American League CY Young award winner for the year 2007. C.C is one of the games greatest pitcher, it doesn't matter whether he is in pin stripes or not.

4. Joe Mauer- The 2009 American League Most Valuable Player, Joe is the best fielding catcher and most defiently the best hitting catcher in the league today. Joe has won many batting titles. He hit 27 Home runs last years with an avg of .372.Joe is the most talented catcher. If I had to pick one player, on a franchise it would be Joe Mauer. I say this because a catcher controls the game.

3. Josh Hamilton- I remember in 2007 when Josh Hamilton broke the record, for most Home Run in the Home Run Derby, It was twenty seven if I rememeber correctly. A former Rays first round draft pick, but when he was caught on drugs. He was traded to the Texas Rangers. I think this year was finally the year to reedem himself. He lead the Majors in Batting average. Like Ian Kinsler said. " Josh Hamilton should win every single award there could be."

2. Roy Halladay- The best pitcher in the league, was Roy Halladay, he played on the Toronto Bluejays. Then in 2010 the Phillies got him. In the Regular Season he pitch the 20th Perfect Game in the Major Leagues. Then in Roy Halladays first postseason appearencee he pitched a no- hitter no one since Don Larson in 1956 of the New York Yankees did that.

1. Albert Pujols- Consiectency is a word that all baseball managers want on there team. Well I do not think anyone is more consicent than Albert Pujols. Ever since since debuting in the Major leagues in 2001, Albert Pujols hit thirty homeruns per season, 100 + Runs batted In per season and, over a .300 average per season. Not to mention Albert Pujols is an amazing fielder. Albert Pujols was the NL Rookie of the year winner in 2001. Pujols also has three Most Valuable Players in the year of 2005, 2008, and 2009. There is no question that Albert Pujols is the best player in the Major Leagues.

I hope you enjoyed my article. It took five hours to write.


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