Appalachian State FB: Put the Mountaineers in the ACC

Forrest KobayashiSenior Analyst IDecember 14, 2007, congratulations to the Appalachian State Mountaineers for winning their third consecutive I-AA/FCS National Championship, which has never been done before.

And second, why aren't the boys from Boone, NC, in the Atlantic Coast Conference?

What has Duke accomplished in the ACC, other than a myriad of losses every season? Appalachian State would be a major upgrade for a conference struggling for respect.

The Mountaineers have been led by some of the best quarterbacks in FCS history. Their current QB, Armanti Edwards, is one of the best mobile quarterbacks in college football today. Before him, QB Richie Williams proved to be a heck of a pocket passer.

Don't forget that this Appalachian State team defeated the Michigan Wolverines, in the Big House, on the first weekend of the season. At that point, Michigan was ranked No. 5 in the country.

No FCS team had ever beaten a Top-25 program, much less the fifth-best team in the country.

Compare that win to Stanford's win over USC. Stanford is never a major contender in the Pac-10, but the Cardinal have enough talent to remain somewhat respected. I see Appalachian State projecting much the same way to the ACC—which is more than I can say for Duke.

The Mountaineers are an unstoppable FCS force. They're in need of a new challenge. When you have a team that wins three consecutive National Championships—under a playoff system no less—you know you're capable of performing at a much higher level.

As I see it, Appalachian State could end up being the best football team in the state of North Carolina—Wake Forest included. With a little more national exposure and an expanded recruiting base, Appalachian State could become a perennial ACC powerhouse.

Sure, Duke has that basketball team, and I'm not saying that Appalachian State should be recognized as an ACC team in all sports.

But for football, the Mountaineers deserve to be seriously considered.