Denver Broncos Tim Tebow Upstaged Once Again By Kyle Orton, King Of Mediocrity

Omar BrownCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

AP Photo/Gail Burton
AP Photo/Gail Burton

Broncos offense had 122 yards passing in the first half. 

Take away the garbage 71 yards Orton got against prevent defense trailing by 17 with less than two minutes to go in the half, and all yo have to show for the entire half is 51 yards passing and 38 yards rushing.

Prior to prevent defense, I am thinking for sure Orton is getting benched, and how everything is going according to plan... But alas, it was not meant to be...

Ravens found a way to keep Tim Tebow on the bench, and in doing so wound up beating the crap out of the Broncos. It was just as I had feared would happen if the Ravens could not completely shut down Orton, as I suspected they would.

Now the Broncos are on pace to throw for over 5,500 yards!

What's proving to be more mind blowing is the 6-10 standing pace the Broncos are in, and with the Jets on the horizon that pace is looking to shrink to 5-11 at this rate.

Well we have gone full circle now, Broncos are 4-11 since the last time the Ravens and Broncos met.

In every tight game since the last time these two teams faced Broncos have only managed to score an averaged of less than 17 points per game in the 11 games lost.

Just as touchdow's thrown against prevent defense at the end of the half and game Sunday meant nothing, neither do yards when it comes to winning games and going to the play-offs.

Folks may not believe Orton is the problem, but one thing is as certain and clear as a rocky mountain stream, @ 4-11 on the verge of being a whopping 4-12, which is an entire seasons worth of games presents the reality that Orton sure as hell is not the answer.

Ortons' play it to be safe, rather than play it to win style of play, is what has this team in its 4-11 losing rut.

Yet many Orton homers insist McDaniels scheme and the rushing attack is the problem while ignorantly assuming Orton has proven to be a deep threat, when that could not be any further from the truth.

There is a distinct difference between possessing a deep passing threat during the game rather than during prevent...

A TD with 57 seconds left in the first half against prevent defense with all day to throw it, is too little to late... A TD with 43 seconds to go at the end of the game when your losing 31 to ten is to little too late...

As if McDaniels is holding Orton and the team back, by playing to the strengths of the check it down to the safe dink and dunk style play his quarterback possess.

As if there are not a plethora of deep routes on virtually any given passing play in any given game being executed by the wide receivers. 

I have witnessed Orton, time and time again refuse to throw it deep to open receivers, while maintaining his high percentage style game of what the defense gives you style of rather than a take what you want style of play that wins games.

Orton had 2 passes in prevent thrown for 20 or more yards: his touchdowns...

Outside of prevent Orton only threw it past 20 yards twice, he completed it once and it fell incomplete the other time.

When your biggest passing impact in the game is during prevent when your already down by 17 points or more, while the rest of the game your failing to make an impact with the deep passing game, this to me is an atrocity, especially when you consider this team is at 4-11 as a result.

You have to throw it deep more than 2 times outside of prevent when you are given 38 passing attempts in order to open up lanes for the running game.

McDaniels has the deep passing routes in play, Ortons refusal to utilize them is what is killing the Broncos.

I exposed how coming into this game Orton has had 75 passing plays executed within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, this just causes the pressure on the line by opponents to boil over to the running game, and shutting ti down..

What we saw this week was more of the same. Ortons playing it safe style rather than play to win while taking what the defense gives him rather than what he wants from the defense is IMO the biggest obstacle the Broncos face in their attempt to get out of their losing rut.

Is there an echo in here, this redundant style of play has me sounding insane when in fact true definition of insanity in this case is how the Broncos maintain a cycle of doing the same thing over and over again with Orton, while expecting different results.

I am sorry for everyone who absolutely refuses to get a take so obvious, so crystal clear as a rocky mountain stream. I guess even at 4-11 Ignorance is bliss for Orton homers who insist he is anything but the problem.

I love how they keep trying to hijack the topic of this debate into me being a Tebow homer, when Keep spinning this into a debate about me being a Tebow homer, when it is the Ortons homers takes that have reality bent so out of whack that we are expected to win with him as a starter... As if mediocrity was king.

Orton is actually 4-11 on the verge of being 4-12 and 4-13 if he is not traded by then... No way  in hell can anyone convince me that Orton gives this team the best chance to win at this rate...

4 wins out of the last 15 games? Orton has got to go, his play it safe rather than play it to win is killing the Broncos, while making himself look good. Unreal...

The question Broncos fans have to ask themselves is this, is Orton looking good doing it for ya, is it worth having the rest of the team look bad?