Is Alex Kovalev a Safe Bet for the Montreal Canadiens?

Miah D.Senior Writer IAugust 18, 2008

As Hockey Le Magazine issued its first edition of the year, the picture on the cover attracted me: Alex Kovalev, with his jersey on his back, with written below "Peut-il encore faire mieux?"

You and I both know the amazing season Kovalev has given us. Even better, as Matt mentioned in the analysis of the forwards situation, the Russian player became a real mentor for the young guns coming on.

The right winger went from number-one candidate for human sacrifice to player of the year—and even co-captain with legendary Saku Koivu.

Gosh, he looked nice scoring a goal without his helmet. Boy, the glove trick left us motionless for a moment. But behind his 84 points in 82 games, and his second All-Star team selection, did we already forget the Kovalev we had two years ago?

Not only did he send our hopes of a decent season crashing down, but he also had to crash the Grande Rivieres Mayor's motorcycle during summer!

At least once every day, I would hear people asking for trades, contract buyouts. If some could, he would have been traded for a pair of skates—at least it would have served better.

Moreover, after reading Lisa's piece on one of the main causes of NHL GM's headaches, I came to wonder who would be the safest bet in this full-of-surprises team which is the Montreal Canadiens.

If you whisper Saku something, I will bite you! If you say Breez-something, I will bite myself! Kidding. I respect them!

But no, seriously. Would Kovalev be the Canadiens' safest bet? Talent, experience, leadership. No, "too much pride" is not what I wanted to mention.

I saw somewhere on the Internet (no link but still searching, promise) that he is looking for a contract extension before the start of the season. How long? How much?

Getting back to the magazine, after getting through the thousands of statistics they laid down the page, I finally bumped on a sentence down the stretch "Il serait etonnant de le voir faire mieux." (It would be surprising to see him do better.)

"I'd like to bring back the Cup to Montreal" he said, during a documentary on RDI. Most of what Kovalev says, he does. Going further in his Montreal-mad mind, could he also confirm if it is finally really the centenary or not?! Hehe.

Talking about centenary, drop by often, Daniel Bigras should publish soon the continuing of his interesting piece.


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