Twilight Saga Restrikes In Oakland: Team Bruce or Team Jason?

Austin SwaimContributor IOctober 11, 2010

CampbellEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Oakland fans continue to grin as the Raiders are officially in 2nd place based on division record in the AFC West, and they beat the Chargers, their nemesis who won 13 in a row before yesterday, by 8 points, but just like the Raiders, Bleacher Report, it is back to buisness. 

In the first quarter, Bruce Gradkowski went out with another injury to his shoulder, as if a knee, pecs, neck, other shoulder, and groin injury was not enough. Backup/ Ex-starter Jason Campbell came in and the offense became lethargic, scoring only 3 points in the 2nd quarter. Then, in the second half, Campbell had two LONG touchdown drives that rested in the defense and scored 13 points. Campbell was terrific, hitting 9 in a row at one point, and a solid QB let the Raiders hang on for the victory.

But now, the attention turns to the QB position for the long run, as this team has showed they can make the playoffs if they have solid QB play on top of the best run game in the league and a solid defense. Jason Campbell, injured and all, went out and blew it against the Titans, then was lethargic against the Rams before Bruce Almighty came in. Although the offense moved the ball, Gradkowski's offense lost twice by close margins, and were lost by key Gradkowski interceptions at one point or another. The same was the case Sunday, as Bruce's offense went 5 plays with 14 yards and a total of 3 points. Then Campbell came in, and the offense scored 13 points.

Yes, I am starting the QB controversy again, and on B/R there are definatly sides.

Myself and Keilyn Ellis, among others, felt that play was in Campbell the whole time, and he was benched much too quickly. I feel Jason Campbell should lead the offense from now on, due to the fact he is less injury-prone and is a long-ball threat. Campbell showed he could move the offense after a few weeks to understand the offense and recover from neck injuries. However, there are others too.

Some of my good friends in here like Elias and Carl Crockerham felt Gradkowski could lead the whole time. And I don't necessarily disagree. Gradkowski is a winner, and he is tough, but how many injuries can you take? And Gradkowski's short field accuracy is money, but his long arm isn't there it seems, especially when DHB is one of your recievers. And again, I feel Gradkowski is perfectly capable to lead.

But, in the end Jason Campbell is my choice, due to the fact we traded a decent fourth round pick for him, and got Gradkowski for nothing. If you want proof what a fourth rounder is to Oakland, look at Michael Bush, who was picked using the 4th rounder from the Randy Moss trade. Campbell is also a huge physical specimen without the glycogen of JaMarcus Russell. So, who is it? Team Bruce or Team Jason? 

P.S; Feel free to make T-Shirts with your choice. It could be like an inside joke at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum