NASCAR: What Are "New Fans" Thinking After a Full Season Of Racing ?

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IOctober 12, 2010


Let me warn you, this is my lame attempt at given you a sarcastic and humorous look at what a new NASCAR fan might be thinking after watching his first season.

Not one of you might find this funny but, well, I'm laughing.

If you're a new NASCAR fan and have been learning the rules as you go, you may get the idea passing while racing is illegal.

Let me explain, please stay with me on this.

If you tuned into a few races this year, you may come to the conclusion that passing in a race car—either over, under, left side, or right side—is actually against the rules, except when there is a wreck or a pit stop.

Can we agree on that ?

A new fan may also wonder if the tires used on these race cars are discount slicks, much like the ones I buy for 40 bucks (all four) for my old Junker, after all, they have one thing in common, THEY EXPLODE !

That new fan must be wondering, why would they put discount tires on a six-figure race car? Curious, isn't it?

Here is something else that has to be very confusing to a new fan, specially if they come from one of the major sports.

Apparently all drivers and crew members live in the same neighborhood or are somehow related.

The announcers on most NASCAR broadcasts are always talking up their friends, there’s always a driver with a dad, mom, uncle or granny who were their old buddies back in the days, you know, they did some dirt racing in the summer of 59.

I wonder if a new fan feels like they're intruding on a family event, you know what I’m saying ?

Are you with me so far ?

That rookie fan must also get very confused by the judgments NASCAR makes. The rulings appears to have more loop holes than credit cards' APR or my health care policy.

Last but not least, they must be thinking Dale Jr. is at least 50% owner of NASCAR, since just about 50% or more of the paying fans wear green and go nuts whenever number 88 leads a lap or two.

Hey the Jr. thing could be true, he may secretly own half of NASCAR, ok just kidding folks, I don’t really thing that, but then again who knows.

I'm glad this is my fifty-fourth month as a NASCAR fan. It was very confusing at first, but now I get it.

It is what it isn't. confused ?

I’m not saying it is what it is, I’m really saying “it is what it isn’t” because I’ve learned one thing about NASCAR, things are not always what they seamed to be, “wagging the dog” may be a good fit, or maybe not, either way you got to love it.

This sport is the best dam soap opera in the world, you could say is like pro-wrestling but for real.

We can al agree on that.

As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank god for that.

Enough said.