Face it now Browns fans, they are going to stink again this year.

Matt MadridCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2008

After a great 2007 season, high hopes are streaming around Lake Erie. 

The Browns are returning everyone that played a key role in last year's 10-6 run that just missed the playoffs. Plus, they added some big names that are supposed to push them over the edge to greatness. 

It breaks my heart to inform everyone that the Browns are going to suck yet again and there is plenty of reasoning to back that up.

1) Defense (or lack there of)
The defense is a joke.  They were 10-6 last year, even though the defense was 30th in the league.  They gave up 360 yards per game! 

They brought in Corey Williams and Shaun Rogers to try and solidify the line, which gave up 4.5 yards every time the opposing team carried the ball.  Even if they can stop the run, the secondary gave up 29 touchdowns last year.

As much as I love Sean Jones, he can't cover anyone.  He just comes up and makes hits and big plays.  Second-year corner Eric Wright is supposed to be a shut down corner in the future, but right now he couldn't cover his bed. 

Last night's pass interference on the Giant's second possession made me almost throw my dinner plate at the television.  It would take an act of God for this defense to help the Browns get to the playoffs this year.

2) Derek Anderson
Oh yes, he made it to the Pro Bowl last year. But take a close look at what he did in tight situations. 

The Cincinnati game at their place last year was an on-going joke with interceptions being the punch line.  The Bengals literally tried to give us that game and let us go on to the playoffs, but Anderson was throwing to the orange and black jerseys instead of orange and brown.  I actually remember turning the channel in the third quarter to watch Cash Cab, the best game show on T.V., because I knew they wouldn't win the game. 

Yes, he threw 29 touchdowns, but that goes along with the 19 interceptions and the 56.5 completion percentage (28th).  He should thank Jamal Lewis for revamping his career and allowing Derek to throw the ball down field because teams had to respect the run.  His biggest flaw is when he wants a receiver, he stares him down.  It's obvious.  It's sickening.  Bra-dy, Bra-dy!

3) Penalties
This team has no discipline.  They showed it last night in a preseason game that they couldn't stay away from commiting penalties that cost them big time. 

These weren't just five-yard false start penalties either.  They had 10 penalties for 128 yards!  No one respects Romeo Crennel, and because of that they will continue to shoot themselves in the foot due with dumb penalties.

4) History
Every year they do well, they follow it up by totally sucking. 

In 2002, they backed their way into the playoffs only to blow a lead (22 points in the fourth quarter to win by three) to the hated Steelers and be knocked out in the first round. 

I was on a plane on our way back from Tempe and still celebrating a Buckeye National Championship over Miami and thought, "It's alright because Ohio State won and the Browns will be back next year." 

Kelly Holcomb threw for 429 yards, and it looked as if he was the answer and Tim Couch was a name of the past.  So what went down in 2003?  5-11.  Second worst record in the league.  2004? 4-12. 

I didn't think a preseason football game could make anyone mad.  It means nothing, the backups usually play most of the game, and teams aren't really running their full offenses because they don't want to give away game plans. 

Last night I was fuming.  I marched upstairs, cussing the whole way, and locked myself in my room because I didn't want to talk to anyone.  They should have just quit the game.  If they are going to play like that on prime time television, then they are going to be pretty pathetic because they have five scheduled with the possibility of a sixth with Indy on November 30. 

Oh well. After 22 years, I'm used to it.  I thought the brown pants looked decent (could use an orange stripe up the sides), Brady Quinn looked great, and the Buckeyes open in 11 days. 

I guess it could be worse.