Chilean Miner Rescue:Former Soccer Player Franklyn Lobos Wins Match Of His Life

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIOctober 13, 2010

Chilean Miner, Franklyn Lobos, back in his days as a soccer player in Chile.
Chilean Miner, Franklyn Lobos, back in his days as a soccer player in Chile.

On Wednesday afternoon 26 Chilean miners were rescued before it was Franklyn Lobo's turn to return to the surface of the earth. Years ago some people in Chile would have never thought they would hear the name Franklyn Lobos as a miner. That was all because when Lobos was in his prime, he was the soccer star for Chile. 

In the 1980's and early 1990's, Lobos donned several soccer jerseys in Chile before being selected to the participate with the Chilean National team for the World Cup qualifiers. He wore the Chilean National colors of red, white, and blue in Los Angeles and made some of his countrymen proud.

When he was not selected for the national team in 1984, it would be a few more years for Lobos on the pitch before he retired. In 1995 he called it quits and took up a career as a miner shortly afterwards.

In 2010 a disaster struck Chile earlier in the year with a catastrophic earthquake. Much later on in the same year Lobos would find himself in trouble trapped within a mine with no way out in sight. The government predicted that it would take months before they could get out. 

But on October 13th Lobos and some of his fellow miners were rescued from the mine. It was much earlier than they expected and the whole world greeted them with open arms when they got out. 

Lobos was greeted by the President of Chile who spoke to him and said that he had played the game of his life in those months in the mine. It was a game of survival and Lobos made it out victorious. 

He had become a Chilean soccer player at the early age of 15. Then he became a miner. On October 13th, 2010, Franklyn Lobos and his fellow miners became a story of inspiration for others to never give up even in the most dire of situations.