So, Hell In A Cell Is Over...What Now

Patrick DriscollContributor IAugust 19, 2008

    This past Sunday Edge and the Undertaker battled in what may go down as the best Hell In A Cell match of all time.  I know, everyone points to Foley/Taker at King of the Ring '98, but if you look at it logically the match isn't that good. It certainly had memorable spots, but as a match it doesn't hold a candle to Edge/Taker.

    If you had any doubt about Edge's abilities as a performer, put them to rest. As of this writing, Edge has never been better. I think it's fair to say Edge is the most consistently entertaining superstar in all of the WWE, which is why he should be given a really great storyline to play with post-Taker. Here it goes.

    Edge has been to hell now. He's seen it. He knows it. He's lived it. One of the last things he did before his HIAC debut was take out Mick Foley (probably for good if you believe what you read on the Internet). This is his last memory. He doesn't remember Vicki anymore. Doesn't remember his familia. All he remember is Foley and of course...hell. He therefore holds no grudges. He doesn't remember it was the Undertaker who sent him to hell, he just knows that he's been there.

    Hawkins and Ryder come out of Edge's dressing room freaked out and go into see Vicki and Chavo. It's here when they're informed that something really strange is going on with Edge. H&R suggest that maybe Vicki should go see him. Chavo wheels Vicki to Edge's dressing room.

    Edge is sitting in the corner, back facing us and crouched as low as he can be. He's shaking back and forth. Vicki tries to talk to him and he responds, but it's a new strange cadence. He sounds high-pitched, maybe even a bit squealy. He's saying nonsense about being in a hell and the promo reaches a fever pitch at which point he turns to reveal he's wearing the Mankind mask.

    It's perfect. He starts cutting Mankind promos and even forcing the ring announcers to call him Mankind. He stays heel, but this allows Vicki and the Familia to remain heel as they start to use Edge to do their bidding, much like Vince used the real Mankind from time to time.

    It doesn't have to go on forever, maybe a few months, culminating in an ending where Edge starts to regain his memory slowly and when he becomes Edge he can do so with a really great babyface turn. He figures out that the Familia and Vicki have been manipulating him and he takes revenge.

Or they could just let him continue to be Edge, which is also really great.