Countdown to CBB Season: 77th Reason to Be Pumped—Stephen Curry

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IAugust 19, 2008

Every day I will give a new reason to be pumped for the upcoming college basketball season.  We are about 74 days from the start of meaningful college basketball.  I'm a few days behind, so here's reason 77.

He stands 6'2'' and weighs a meager 185 pounds, but Davidson guard Stephen Curry uses every ounce of his slender frame to be the best pure scorer in college basketball.

And it's not even close.

Curry captured the attention of college basketball fans everywhere his freshman season, when his Davidson Wildcats challenged Maryland in the 2007 NCAA tournament.

Curry stayed in the spotlight when Davidson put together one of the most impressive non-conference schedules in the country.  They challenged the top programs in the country, most of which happened to be just down the road.

Curry took UNC, Duke, and UCLA down to the wire, losing by a combined 22 points in the three games.

After losing six games in the non-conference slate, Curry led his Wildcats to a perfect conference record and rolled through their conference tournament to another NCAA tournament berth.

That's when the magic of March Madness set in.

Curry delivered one of the most memorable performances of the last quarter century when he dropped 30-plus points in his first three tournament games.

He kept shooting and sinking.

He kept driving and finishing.

He kept coming up with steals.

But most importantly, he kept winning.

Davidson's run ended in the Elite Eight at the hands of eventual champion Kansas, but it wasn't without a fight.  Davidson repeatedly led throughout the entire game and forced Kansas into their third worst offensive efficiency rating of the year.

Stephen Curry will continue his pursuit of a championship in 2008, and he'll have help.

Davidson loses point guard Jason Richards, who was one of the best college-style point guards in the country.  He managed games, made shots when he needed to, and was a born leader.

But Curry will fill the void.

Stephen Curry has already said he'll take over the point, which is a scary thought if you're an opponent.

Picture Curry with the ball in his hands every possession, with the ability to create any kind of shot whenever he wants.

Add in the fact he's got great shooters around him in Bryant Barr and William Archambault, and a great low post presence in Andrew Lovedale, and you get a team that should improve their 14th-ranked offensive efficiency ranking, according to Ken Pomeroy's statistics website.

Reason number 77 you should be pumped for basketball season: Stephen Curry will be back, better, and ready to slay the giants of college basketball once again.