Coach Tom Cables Speech To The Oakland Raiders, (I Wish)

Joseph DorrellContributor IOctober 15, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 02:  Head coach Tom Cable of the Oakland Raiders looks on against the Seattle Seahawks during an NFL preseason game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on September 2, 2010 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Everyone into the locker room.  If you’re not a player or a coach, get out of my locker room.  Sit down men, and shut-up. 

Can you tell I’m not happy?  To be honest, I’m pretty pissed-off.  There’s no passion.  There’s no prejudice.  There’s no pain.  We’re ¼ the way into our season, and we aren’t ½ the football team we should be.  We are Raiders.  We have a belief that we are different.  How are we different?  I mean how WERE we different?  We used to be mean, we used to be nasty.  To hell with sportsmanship, win at all costs.  When you step across that white line……you can die.  Men, if you can die, then you can kill.  It’s only a game if you’re WATCHING it, not if you’re IN it.  If you’re in it, then it’s combat, it’s WAR!  Quit playing paddy-cake and punch someone in the face!  I want commissioner Goodall breathing down my neck all season!  Why?  Because I believe if Goodall is on my @ss about how mean and nasty we are all season, then he’ll be on my @ss all POST-SEASON as well!  I want people SCARED to go to war with us.  Even if they win, they better leave broken and scarred for life.  FOR LIFE!  Give them a REASON to hate us! 

Rolando, I loved the body slam.  Now go do it in the 1st quarter when it means, "Stay out of my area, stay off my football field"!  Not in the 4th quarter when it means, "Damn I'm frustrated we can't stop these guys".  That penalty in the 4th quarter WILL KILL US!  Rookie or not, use your head Rolando!  We're going to have penalties, I'll take the penalties, hell I want the penalties, I'll pay your fines, JUST MAKE THE DAMN THINGS COUNT!  MAKE THEM NASTY!  Off-sides, on offense OR defense is INTOLERABLE!  Illegal hands to the face?  I love it!  Just rip his nose off or it was not worth it!  Unnecessary roughness?  What the hell is that?  I want INTENTIONAL roughness!  A 15+ yard penalty for hitting the receiver in the head for crossing the middle of OUR football field?  Paid.  A 15 yard penalty and a 1st down for hitting the  opposing QB in the head with your forearm?  Paid.  All you will ever hear from me is "HE BETTER NOT GET UP"!   Make that $15,000 fine WORTH it!  I’ll pay your fines, ONLY if they don’t get up!  Holding?  If you get a holding penalty, and they still get to our quarterback, or make the play, you will never get your @ss off the bench.  If you have to hold, RIP THEIR JERSEY OFF, THEN JUMP ON TOP OF THEM AND INSULT THEIR FAMILIES!  None of this “good play bro, I’ll get you next time” crap! 

In Oakland we don’t ask permission, we FORCE our will.  Jason, do you know why the Raider Nation boo’s you?  Because you take what the other team gives you.


It’s the reason Raider Nation likes Bruce.  He’s gritty, he’s mean, he takes what he wants.  He’s a Raider.  You have skills Jason, you need attitude.  Crank both middle fingers up, stand square to the defense, and display both those fingers.  “Try to stop us, I dare you”!  If you fail Jason, you can still hold you head up proud because you FOUGHT for it.  Then Raider Nation will fight for you.  You should have been pissed-off that I benched you.  You failed that test. 

Men we have everything we need to be elite.  We have speed, we have youth, we have hardworking real football players.  But we’re not raiders, not yet.  There hasn’t been enough blood.  Their blood or ours, there needs to be more!  The taste and sight of blood means there was pain inflicted.  When it’s yours, wipe it off and fling it on the player that made you bleed, smiling.  When it’s their blood, well, let them bleed, point at it and ask them where they would like the next one.  Men, Raider Nation wants blood.  I want blood. 

Al Pacino gave that cheesy speech about football being a game of inches.

Football is a game of pain.  How much pain will you inflict?  Will you shove your finger in his left eye knowing the NEXT play is going to the left?  How much pain can you endure?  Those flames in you chest telling you to stop running when you can’t breath.  The pain lets you know you’re alive.  If you’re still alive, you better be fighting to inflict more pain.  That’s the Raider way.  There needs to be passion, there needs to be prejudice, and there needs to be pain.  To be a Raider is to be different.  We ARE different.  We ARE mean.  We LIKE blood.  Blood means scars.

And men……………..chicks dig scars! 

Get out of my locker room!