Matt Hardy To TNA To Reunite Team OMEGA: That Is a Very Good Thing

Casey AdkinsContributor IOctober 18, 2010

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After Matt Hardy's long awaited release from WWE, a lot of fans have been thinking about him going to TNA.  Fans are going both ways.  Some, like myself, are excited to see him and his younger brother on the same show and have a reuniting of the Hardy Boyz.

Others are thinking of him as another washed up has-been.

Well obviously those people do not see the business side of this decision.

Back in the 90's when Matt and Jeff teamed up, they were some of the biggest sellers of merchandise.  Jeff was one of the biggest sellers for WWE and in now in TNA.

Take into account that Matt is also a very skilled wrestler and has a way with the microphone.  Jeff has the extreme style in the ring that draws a lot of fans to him and a look that suits the style of the "anti-WWE style" that TNA has been going for.


Now then there are a couple of wild-cards that need to be taken into account.  These are Shannon Moore and Gregory "Hurricane" Helms.

Unless you have been living under a rock over the last couple of years, you know that both of these men have a history with the Hardy's.  Not only in the ring, but a personal relationship too.  Long ago, these two men were part of an organization that was started by the Hardy's known as the Organization Of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts, better known as OMEGA.

Jeff brought Shannon with him to TNA back in January and Helms is still waiting in the wings and it has been speculated that he has been wanting to sign with TNA since his 90 days has been up.

Now with Matt having to wait until January 3rd of next year to sign with another company.  That date falls on a Monday as well so can you say repeat.

Having a stable of Matt, Jeff, Shannon and Helms would be a nice thing to see.

You have 8 possible tag team combination's, all four men who are close friends in real life and all who have gained some sort of success.  Matt and Jeff have Tag Team Gold, Shannon has a X-Division Title reign and Helms a couple Cruiserweight Title reigns.  Jeff has three world titles and a few lower card belts to his name.

Matt, Jeff and Helms are all fan favorites in some form or another and Shannon is black sheep in the herd.  If done right, this stable would have a lot of draw power and a lot of charisma.