Mighty Mo In C-Town?

Thom RothContributor IAugust 20, 2008

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In what appeared to be a lost off season for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Danny Ferry came through in mid-August to deliver a trade that has shaken the foundation of the Cleveland Cavaliers' offense and defense.

While Cleveland was attempting to be in the market for a player such as Josh Smith (Atlanta Hawks), Elton Brand (76ers), or Corey Maggette (Warriors), they remained surprisingly complacent, signing Tarence Kinsey. Kinsey played for South Carolina and was a decent college player, but it never seemed like his game transferred to the NBA. While this was an acquisition that mainly affected the defense, it was a step that many thought was redundant -- the fans, and more importantly, LeBron James, wanted a high-profile player to play beside him, to finally have a Robin -- something Larry Hughes couldn't do.

Enter Joe Smith. Joe Smith, acquired from Chicago at the trade deadline this past season, was brought in to help with the offense and defense. Packaged with Ben Wallace, they were a great addition to the front line. Smith played his role valiantly in the post season, providing scoring when needed; more importantly, though, he provided defense.

Now let's look at Damon Jones. DJ was brought in the year after the Heat won the NBA Championship to help a team who had a three-point percentage lower than Adam Dunn's. He did what he was supposed to do, hitting a few clutch three's here and there (see the last minute win over the Wizards in the playoffs a few years back), but his role diminished over time. This year, he hardly played.

Now, when the off season started and Cleveland fans started having these illusions of grandeur in their heads that Cleveland brass would be able to go out and get someone like Brand or Maggette, I admit, I bought in to the hype. Seriously, who would not want to play with LeBron James? No one, that's who. Everyone wants to play with this man-child. So imagine the joy that LeBron must have felt when he read the rumors on the Internet while he was laying on his diving board when he saw that the Cavs may get a great player (see the picture -- that's the joy he felt.) But, when people started to go elsewhere, he got mad. That's when it hit the fan.

LeBron probably went to Danny Ferry and said "Listen man, cut the ****. I need a good player by my side, and I need it now." After calling and proposing trades, Ferry hit nothing. Michael Redd to Cleveland had been a rumor for a while, but that never happened. Instead, Cleveland got something they've needed ever since André Miller left Cleveland -- a fairly decent point guard.

Mo Williams played for the Jazz and then went to Milwaukee. His scoring and speed made him an instant fan-favorite there, and he ranked in the Top 10 for scoring as a Point Guard. That sounds all good and whatnot, but according to realgm.com's article on the Mo Williams trade, his assist to turnover ratio is 2.3. That's not very good for a point guard. However, he is a great player, a guy who can orchestrate the fast break, and knows how to score in transition. He's better than anyone else on the Cavaliers roster listed under "guard."

I understand that Cleveland has Delonte West, and he is a favorite there. But get real. West is not the savior of the Cavaliers, and Mo Williams may not be either. But I will tell you this much -- Mo Williams will benefit from LeBron James, as every other player on his team does. LeBron makes his teammates better. So if Mo Williams was already a Top 10/15 PG in the league, what is he going to be like when LeBron is in the picture? Good trade, Cleveland. You may not have gotten a superstar, but you have a guy who can get it done. I give the trade a B+.

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