Dallas Cowboys Are 1-4 and With No Leadership It's Time To Panic

robert cummingsContributor IOctober 18, 2010

After watching yesterday's Cowboys game, i felt like a kid who just found out that Santa wasn't real. I just couldn't admit the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are not good. Sure they have a lot of talented players but as we see now talent means nothing without leadership.

Last week former Head Coach Tony Dungy critizised Tony Romo on his leadership skills, and also on protecting the football after Romo threw 3 interception against the Tennessee Titians. Fast forward one week later and the whole metroplex is questioning not only Romo but also the whole coaching staff.

The Cowboys are 1-4 and looks more and more like the worst team in the league,they rank first in penalties and all hope of a super bowl is now gone. Tony Romo should be benched because he has no leadership skills, Minnesota had the ball with 1 min to go and instead of Romo getting the offense together to let them know that the game isn't over, he just sits there daydreaming. How can you rely on a QB that just sits there and not say anything to his team when they are down? This is the same QB who the Cowboys gave a lot of money to, and what has he done. Nothing.

Is it me are does Wade Phillips look like he doesn't have a clue on how to run a football team? If he did then the Cowboys wouldn't be "STILL" racking up penalties every week. I wish The Tuna was still the head coach because the Cowboys was way more disaplent when he was running things.Wade let them do and act however they wont, that's why training camp was named Camp Cupcake.

Then you have Jason Garrett who everyone said should be the next Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys because he is an offensive genius. Everytime i think about that i can't help but to laugh, my six year old son could call better plays then Jason Garrett. Jason Garrett motto is take what the deffense gives, ok but if the deffense isn't giving you anything then it's time to just take it and make the deffense change up their schem.

The Cowboys and coaches are beating themselves and they need to get it together quick because Philly, Washington, and New York Gaints all belive that they can beat the Cowboys anytime and anyday and after six weeks of football played i belive any team could beat the talented Dallas Cowboys. Cowboy fans its time to push the panic button.