WWE tag team scene...gone and forgotten?...or coming back strong?

josh mayerContributor IAugust 20, 2008

     In late 90's and all the way up until more recent years, the WWE has produced some of the best tag team champions the buisness has ever seen. from The Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian. to The Dudley Boys and The New Age Outlaws. but in more recent years less and less foucus has been put on the tag team titles and the whole tag team division for that matter. so bad that if you were to ask a casual wrestling fan who the champions were on either brand do you think they would know off hand? probally not.In the past 5 years the WWE has not been able to  effectively push tag teams to superstar statis as they have been able to do in the past. Dont get me wrong!! the WWE has had some great teams recent years (Brian Kendrick & Paul London, Cade&Mudroch, MNM,) but none that have really been as relevant as teams in the past. now some say that the tag team division is not relatvent at all. but i dont totally agree.

  More and more we see teams that are for the most part just two wrestlers put together so that they both can continue to get exposure, a prime example was the recent teaming of Carlito and Santino Marella. Here we have Carlito: a very charasmatic star with a few singles reigns under his belt and a established reputation with the fans, but in recent months had somewhat fallen off the map. and Santino who is very entertaining in his own right.Over the summer they were put together to make a suprisingly good duo. One of the reasoning for this team was to help Santino develop his in ring skills to help him with being a better singles star in the future. which is all in well, but the problem with this situation is that they were a great team! and they seeming had the rug pulled out right from under them! albeit that the team was maybe never intended to get "over", it was still very entertaining. so why not just go with it. Andnow Santino Marella is intercontinental champion for a second time. but is he ready? sure he has the mic skills and is very fun to watch, but is he there as far as "in the ring"? and does he deserve to have the title over other some superstars or Carlito for that matter? 

     More recently i was kind of upset that the tag team titles were taken off one of the hottest teams in the world: The Miz and John Morrison. when i had first heard that one of my favorite young superstars (john morrison) was teaming with former reality tv star turned wrestler the Miz (Mike Mizanin) i was a little skeptical. but after only a few weeks the nay-sayers (including myself) were silenced after we say what a great team the two made. after only a few months of teaming together the two one the WWE tag team titles and held them, convincingly, for the better part of 8 months.not to mention they created and host one of the funniest shows ive ever watched on WWE.com The Dirt Sheet. if you havent watched it...check it out, you will not be disappointed! and some of you more devoted wrestling fans may hate for saying this but i have really warmed up to The Miz. he is really developed his style and his charisma. and what else can you say about John Morrison? hes going to be a huge star in this business. its inevitable.  But just because they lost the titles dosent mean that we have seen the last of them. i think we will be hearing a lot more about Miz and Morrison.

   Also i dont think it ever a good idea to make two superstars champions to enhance a feud they are having. the did it last year around Wrestlemania time when John Cena was going to be wrestling Shawn Michales. they were all set to have a great feud but to put even more emphasis on the rivalry they were made WWE tag champs. but did they really need it? one of the greats Jake the Snake Roberts (who never held a title in the WWE) was once quoted as saying:  "titles, when used in the right situation, can make superstars. But if you dont need it...dont use it". More recently the same situation has come into play. A huge was made between John Cena and Batista. and once again the two top stars were made champions, but why? But the real problem i had with this is that they won the titles from possibly the best young team in the world: Rhodes & DiBiase.  im sure the fans would have had no problem getting hyped for "Batista/Cena 1st time ever". so why go out and stop a great young team when this should be their time to try and get over with the fans and build their reputation.and in many ways it damaged their rep. because they almost made it seem like Batista and Cena were just "toying" with young Cody and Ted. not good for their marquee value if they want to make them an established team. many people in the WWE must had felt the same way i did on the matter because it was only two short weeks later that Rhodes & DiBiase regained the titles. my point is that tag team titles should not be held by superstars to enhance their feud, but should always be held by the best TEAM.

  so what is the WWEs current tag team situation? recently they released the Highlanders. but i dont think anybody will notice. and what the hell happened to Deuce and Domino for that matter?....forget i asked. We have Cryme Tyme. sure they're entertaining, bit they dont seem to ever do anything that relavent. so is the tag team division dead? or will great young teams like Miz and Morrison and Rhodes & Dibiase be able to save this one time staple of the WWE. They always seem to bounce back and deliver on the talent so i guess we will all have to wait and see.