Pete Prisco's Call a Lofty One: Assures ASU Win

Carson HowellCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2008

Around this same time two years ago, at the beginning of the '06 season, I called “The Pete Prisco Show” on 930 the Fox to express my feelings on the topic at hand, which, at the time, was the strengths of the conferences of college football.

Myself being an avid SEC fan, and Prisco an ASU alumnus and big Pac-10 fan, I knew I wouldn’t get much positive feedback. I guess I just wanted to hear his screeching pre-teen voice shout at me in effort to make me feel incompetent; I don’t know. I just assumed, like most analysts and sports fans alike, he would give credit where credit is due, much like I would for another successful conference with winning teams.

As I waited on hold and could hear the prior caller converse with Pete about his Big Ten and how Penn State would have a much improved season, I felt better, because Prisco was somewhat optimistic for his team. His love for his team/conference was evident.

I was up:

“Hey, Carson, whatcha got for me?” he said. “Yeah, I just wanted to chime in to hear your feelings on the SEC and how its teams will fare.” “I don’t know, Carson,” then he gave me some stats and told me how the SEC never wins big games. We both talked a bit and compared, but, toward the end of the call, he hit me with this: “WHO’S GOOD IN THE SEC?!” I was stunned to the point where I had trouble getting the oh-so-obvious teams out! I told him I felt that the Florida Gators were a good team, LSU, UGA, AUB—I felt as though I could name a good majority of the teams in the conference and not go wrong in answering his question.

Well, as you might have figured, he bashed them all—literally telling me the Pac-10 was much better. I laughed, he kind of yelled, and ended my call with disgust. I got over it (I promise) because UF did pretty well in '06 and LSU again in '07, and those were the first two teams I spit out. Last year especially made me feel good when the SEC sent eight teams to bowls and had six wins.

Now this year, Pete promises his listeners that his Sundevils will beat UGA, in Week Two. Will he be wrong about this? I hate the Dawgs, but, unlike some SEC fans on this site, I want fellow SEC teams to prosper in their out-of-conference games to show conference strength, obviously. God, I hope he is wrong for the sake of the SEC only!

What do you really think?