Memo to Tom Brady: Just Ignore the Overrated Justin Bieber

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 20, 2010

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About a week ago, Tom Brady was targeted in the media by pop icon Justin Bieber about, of all things, his hairstyle.

Apparently, the young Bieber decided to try his hand at freestyle rap performing, making a CD with the quote of:

"Sacked like a sacker. Call Mr. Brady. Tell him to leave his hair to that guy who sings 'Baby.'"

I'm actually staring at my computer screen trying to dissect the sentence; give me just a minute.

A sacker? Really? You are comparing Tom Brady to a grocery bagger? Uh, little Bieber, get your facts straight. It is Kurt Warner who was the stock boy at a grocery store before he made it big in the NFL.

I'm going to just set the record straight about this young boy who can't even smoke a cigarette legally yet. I do not like him. I think he can hit his notes, his voice is annoying, he's got an amazing story, but he has now become the kind of child that should have red handprints imprinted on his rear end.

He's become a wannabe punk. Freestyle rapping? Hello? You may have grown up with a single mom, but you are not Eminem; you aren't a brother from a different mother. You are a teenager who has an amazing talent, but you need to realize one thing.

Copernicus called, and you are not the center of the universe.

In fact, compared to Tom Brady, you are nothing, really. You are actually insignificant.

Let's just review the story of Tom Brady. Brady, as a kid, was at the 1981 NFC Championship Game where Joe Montana threw the touchdown pass to Dwight Clark that is known by all as "The Catch," which led to a Super Bowl appearance and victory—the first of four for the legendary Montana.

Brady was there, and during those moments, he made up in his mind what he wanted to be remembered as. He wanted to be a peer of Joe Montana, a legendary figure.

However, Tom Brady did not have the best of luck originally. He was the backup quarterback at Michigan and seventh on the depth chart his first year. After that year, the head coach was fired, and the man who recruited Brady got a job for Stanford, and the quarterback coach was only there for a year.

So, Brady didn't know if he'd get a chance to play in order to prove himself. When he did play, he was a good quarterback, but he didn't have a cannon for an arm; he was just a quarterback that did a good job.

At the combine, he ran a 5.2 forty time, and his body was not what you'd expect of an NFL quarterbacks. If you look at the shots of him in just his athletic shorts, he was just a tall, lanky kid. He looked like a really good hit was all that was needed to pop him out of the NFL for good.

Six quarterbacks were taken ahead of him in the draft, and Brady was drafted 199th in the sixth round of the 2000 draft.

When you draft guys in the later rounds of the draft, they aren't the players that you expect to be starters. Teams cut sixth-rounders every day. Coaches have to be really impressed with these players in order for them to have a shot at making the team.

The mountain they climb is a hard and strenuous road, and a lot of the times, they'll need luck, like injuries to starters, in order for them to get that chance to show what they are made of.

Once they do get their chance, they can't just be decent or good. In order to convince the coach not to give the job back to the original starter, they have to be superior and dominant to keep their job.

After Drew Bledsoe got injured in 2001, Brady took over the team, and after a tough season and close postseason, the Patriots won the Super Bowl with Brady getting MVP honors.

In the next three years, the Patriots won two more Super Bowls with Brady as their quarterback.

Tom Brady has received the following accolades: two Super Bowl MVP awards, an NFL MVP award, a Comeback Player of the Year award when he came back from a torn ACL, a fourth Super Bowl appearance and AFC Championship ring, a spot on the 2000 all-decades team in the NFL, several sportsman of the year awards from various sports media, and...

He's a slam-dunk, first-ballot Hall of Famer in Canton when he is eligible.

The Hall of Fame is a place where you have a bust of your face in a sacred room alongside the greatest minds and players of football, and Brady's face will be there forever. My great-grandson will go there, and he will see Tom Brady in bronze.

Whereas Justin Bieber? A 16-year-old kid who will probably be forgotten.

Bieber, you better realize something quick. Enjoy this popularity while you can because the music business is arguably the toughest business to survive in because the world changes.

Today you are hot, you are young girls' dream boyfriend, but what about tomorrow? Or the day after that?

Anybody know what happened to Akon? Or Justin Timberlake? Or how about Kelly Clarkson? They were superstars the other day, they ruled the charts with No. 1 hits, and where are they now?

What happened to them was the world got tired of them or found someone else to fixate on. The legends like Eminem and Madonna are one in a billion because they stand the test of time.

You've been an icon how long? A year, maybe two. You hardly have any ground to stand on by calling out Tom Brady, a man whose life I'd kill for.

He's a Hall of Fame quarterback, he has two sons, which is just awesome, he's got three Super Bowl rings and an AFC Championship ring, he's a good-looking guy that actually has facial hair, and he's married to Gisele Bundchen, arguably the most beautiful creature on two legs.

If Tom Brady wants to shave his head like an eight-ball or if he wants to grow it out for Locks of Love for cancer patients, you should shut up and respect him because he's got it made.

Tom, I hope that I meet you one day and shake your hand. I may dislike you because you beat teams I want to see win the Super Bowl, but my respect for you is of the highest rank.

Justin Bieber? Learn to not sound like a whistle when you sing, and maybe I'll listen to your stuff.


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