Alex Ovechkin vs Sidney Crosby: Who Is the Better Hockey Player?

Michael DeSantis@@dtrain2495Senior Analyst IOctober 19, 2010

Ovechkin and Crosby shake hands after Penguins defeat Capitals in 2009 Playoffs
Ovechkin and Crosby shake hands after Penguins defeat Capitals in 2009 PlayoffsBruce Bennett/Getty Images

In the Hockey World, there's been a lot of debate on which star is the better of the two: Alexander Ovechkin, a.k.a "Ovi," or Sidney Crosby, a.k.a "Sid the Kid."  People constantly try to figure out which star shines brighter, and I'm going to shed some light on the situation.

Both players are captains, Ovechkin for the Washington Capitals, and Crosby for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Crosby has been captain longer, and led the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup back in 2009, over the Detroit Red Wings.  Ovechkin hasn't led the Caps to the Stanley Cup just yet, so Crosby holds the captaincy edge over him.

Ovechkin and Crosby have always been lethal scorers.  Both debuted in 2005-06.  In his rookie year, Ovechkin put up 52 goals and 54 assists for 106 points, while Crosby had 39 goals and 63 assists for 102 points. 

In 401 career games, Ovechkin has 273 goals, and 264 assists for a grand total of 537 points.  And in 378 games, Crosby has 187 goals, and 327 assists for a total of 514 points.  So both are about equal in points, while Ovi leads in goals, and Sid leads in assists.

In the 2009-10 season, Crosby decided to shoot more, and ended up with 51 goals, and tied Steven Stamkos for the league lead.  Ovechkin finished one behind with 50.  Now, people have said that this makes Crosby a better goal scorer than Ovi now.  Just to make this clear, they're wrong. 

Ovechkin missed 10 games due to injury and suspension.  He easily could've put up a goal to at least tie Sid and Stamkos.  He definitely would've had another goal in a 10-game span, so he could've still beat out Crosby and Stamkos. 

Crosby has won a gold medal in the Olympics also, something Ovechkin has not yet accomplished.  In Crosby's defense, he won the Olympics, and even scored the game-winning goal for Canada, for the gold medal.  In Ovechkin's defense, Canada is a stacked team, so it was kind of hard for them not to win it. 

Any team with Crosby, Jerome Iginla, Rick Nash, Michael Richards, Joe Thornton, Dany Heatley, and Patrick Marleau doesn't have much of an excuse to lose.  They knocked out Ovechkin and the Russian team to advance.  So even though Crosby has the gold medal, it isn't fair to Ovechkin to decide who's the better player based on that, considering Team Canada is stacked.

Ovechkin is the better shooter, while Crosby is a better playmaker.  Since Ovi became captain, he is expected to pass more, so expect some more assists from him.  Overall, Ovechkin may slightly have the edge over Crosby in the offense department, but Crosby is a better leader.  Both of these players will most likely make the Hall of Fame one day.