WWE Attitude: Who Was Better...The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin?

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 19, 2010

By now, the return of the WWE Attitude Era is a distant thought. Ever since Linda McMahon decided to run for Senate, Vince has made the WWE more "family" friendly.

Catering to the kids instead of loyal WWE Fans. Basically giving their competition room to expand.

Many disagree. They say PG is better. That we didn't need the blood, weapons, foul language, and car wreck matches to be entertained.

Looking at RAW's drop in ratings, millions seem to disagree with that. It can be said a thousand times, but that's the type of wrestling that hooked us all in the beginning.

Now look at WWE. A slowly declining machine. No attempt at change. Same wrestlers holding the top titles every year. One thing we've learned from all of this is PG is here to stay. 

Oh, how we long for the old days. When The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were the faces of the WWE. When the Attitude Era was in full effect. Now that almost all of those wrestlers have departed WWE, or are injured and on their way to retirement.

The Attitude Era left us many questions, the biggest and perhaps most discussed is who was its biggest star? Though Triple H is a close third, the two most popular candidates would be The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin's win over HBK at Wrestlmania XIV officially began the Attitude Era. The Austin Era, some would call it. Austin had numerous feuds with Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, Bret Hart, and even the boss himself, Mr. McMahon.

Only one guy was equally popular to Austin during the Attitude Era. The Great One, The Rock. His start as a "forced" face turned many fans against him. This led to him cutting promos on fans on a weekly basis. Even referring to himself in the third person.

The Rock was so popular that every attempt to make him a true heel was ruined by the support of his growing fan base. It was only a matter of time before these two crossed paths. Headlining three Wrestlemanias together and countless PPV main events.

Austin would get the better of The Rock in most matches. Even using Vince McMahon as an asset in their epic Wrestlemania 17 showdown. Though the last time they faced off, it was the Great One that walked out with his hand raised high,

Perhaps the greatest professional wrestling feud of all time is indeed over, I ask the question again, who was the better?

Some automatically assume since Austin ushered in the Attitude Era, and held the WWF Title longer than the Rock he is better. Others would say The Rock had more World Title reigns, and that he was overall the better wrestler, so he is better.

My opinion is that The Rock was indeed better than Steve Austin. Austin was indeed a star, but when it came to popularity, Johnson clearly was more "over" with the fans. His pops are unmatched. Arguably the best mic worker in professional wrestling history.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is last decade's John Cena. He almost never lost. When he did it had to be because of interference by Vince. Held the title for long periods of time when he wasn't injured.

Cena is trashed because he "never" puts over younger superstars. If memory serves me right, Austin refused to be involved in any storyline involving him losing a match. To ANYBODY.

When Brock Lesnar was rising up the WWE ranks, management wanted to have him defeat Austin at Summerslam.

Basically to cement Brock as a legitimate superstar. But Austin walked out. So The Rock, Undertaker, and Kurt Angle all put over Lesnar, but Austin is too good to help younger talent?

When it comes to in-ring ability, Johnson once again is clearly better than Austin. Johnson tended to add moves to his arsenal, while Austin was more of a brawler with some explosive maneuvers.

What is your opinion, Bleachers?