Fedor Emelianenko and Vadim Finkelstein Clobber Dana White With a Brock

Marco YanitelliAnalyst IOctober 28, 2010

Ryo Chonan shows Anderson Silva that even the best can be caught
Ryo Chonan shows Anderson Silva that even the best can be caught

Vadim Finkelstein struck back at Dana White and the UFC this week in a "tit for tat" move following Brock Lesnar's loss to Cain Valasquez at UFC 121. In an interview with a Russian news service, Finkelstein had the following to say as originally reported by Cagepotato.com:

"Brock Lesnar's defeat did not surprise me," Vadim Finkelstein told Championat.ru, with props to LowKick.com for the translation. "I expected him to lose, so it was (not surprising)...I always knew that Brock Lesnar will not have a long run as a champion. Brock was supposed to lose in his previous fight, but he was lucky when he managed to miraculously bounce back against Shane Carwin."

The comments should not surprise anyone, nor should they be taken too seriously. After Dana White's notorious smiley face tweet and post-Fedor Emelianenko loss comments regarding Fedor and M-1 Global, he should expect no less. It is simply retaliation for what Vadim feels were unnecessarily disrespectful comments regarding Fedor's loss to Fabricio Werdum.

Fedor's loss resembled Brock Lesnar's first loss to Frank Mir—one in which he simply fell into a trap—and is quite a bit different from the recent annihilation of Lesnar by Cain at UFC 121. While Brock's loss is an unfortunate reality for Dana White, it seems that Dana could avoid more pain and humiliation next time by remembering the old adage, "Don't dish it out if you can't take it."

Vadim and Fedor most likely feel that Brock Lesnar is a worthy opponent, but the comments were meant to cause damage in a continuing battle of words and deeds by the two organizations.