WWE SmackDown 10/29/10 Review: Undertaker Is Buried, No.1 Contender Is Born

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2010

Opening Segment

Kane opened the show with the Undertaker’s funeral. Kane told the WWE Universe that there is no hope for a return by the Undertaker.

Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring and interrupted Kane. Kane was confused by the reason Del Rio would be in his presence. Del Rio made his case for a World Championship match. Del Rio smacked the urn out of Paul Bearer’s hands and attacked Kane.

Mysterio ran into the ring and caused Del Rio to roll out onto the apron. The Rated-R Superstar, Mysterio, hit the 619 on Paul Bearer.

Kane booted Mysterio to the outside.

Edge speared Kane to end the segment.

Great way to kick off the show! Who would have guessed that Del Rio would come out and interrupt Kane? I actually liked that it was about the title and not a personal vendetta that prompted Del Rio to the ring.

Segment Rating: 10/10


Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. United States Champion Daniel Bryan Match

Daniel Bryan defeated Ziggler after hitting a round kick.

Are you kidding me? Daniel Bryan has defeated Ziggler three times in a week.

These two definitely have some match chemistry. All three of their matches have been well done. It reminds me of Benoit/Booker T in WCW.

I’m assuming that Survivor Series will feature the unification of the IC and US belts. I would put my money on Dolph Ziggler merely due to Bryan getting the previous wins.

I agree with the decision to unify the Tag Team and Divas Championships. I would rather they keep the United States Championship. I have heard rumors that they are planning on unifying all the titles. I am a bit hesitant on the unification of the World and WWE belts.

So is this the end of the brand extension or are the champions going to be bouncing from RAW and SmackDown?

Match Rating: 10/10


Cody Rhodes and Big Show Segment

Rhodes pushed Kelly Kelly out of the way so he could get a good look at himself in the mirror.

Big Show challenged Rhodes, who initially declined due to his tag team affiliation with McIntyre. Rhodes eventually agreed to a tag team match.

Segment Rating: 6/10


Jack Swagger vs. Kaval Match

Swagger defeated Kaval by submission after he clamped on the ankle lock.

Kaval is being used like Matt Hardy and it is very upsetting.

How do four men who Kaval beat out to win NXT Season 2 get bigger pushes than him? Kaval was defeated twice by Husky Harris during the competition as the WWE creative attempted to shove both spawns of legends down our throats. Yet, the IWC wouldn’t allow Kaval to be buried during the show.

Speaking of sons of legends, Richie Steamboat is in the FCW and I can’t wait for him to make his appearance in the WWE.

Match Rating: 7/10


Melina, Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins vs. Lay-Cool, Alicia Fox and Rosa Match

Team good girl gets the win when Kelly Kelly hit her famous K2 finisher.

This match was actually pretty decent. The costumes may have added some interest. I am glad that Teddy Long opted for the match over the silly costume contest.

The commentators showed off some of their comic book knowledge.

The Bella Twins were extremely hot on this show.

When did Rosa become a heel again? I thought that she was turning face due to Lay-Cool’s treatment of her?

Match Rating: 6/10


The Dashing Ones vs. Big Show and Kofi Kingston Match

Big Show got the victory after choke-slamming Cody Rhodes.

Prior to the match, McIntyre said that they would take back the Tag Team Championship from NEXUS. Cody Rhodes announced that their team will now be known as The Dashing Ones.

Most of the match was controlled by The Dashing Ones, who worked on Kofi Kingston and kept him from tagging in Big Show.

It appeared that Cody Rhodes was calling Drew McIntyre in to assist as he was being heisted up for the choke slam. McIntyre surprisingly didn’t make the save and allowed Big Show to get the win.

After the match, Rhodes confronted McIntyre. McIntyre explained that there was a giant in the way. Rhodes told McIntyre that the only way he was going to win any singles titles was without McIntyre. McIntyre reminded Rhodes that he was the chosen one. Rhodes said that he will choose to walk away before he does something that McIntyre will regret. Rhodes said, “The Dashing Ones are over.”

The Dashing Ones are an example of what has been plaguing the WWE Tag Team division. Once a team wins the tag team belts, they are already destined for a split. The Hart Dynasty appears to be on the same track.

The one thing that TNA is doing better than the WWE is how they handle the tag team straps.

Cena/Otunga winning the Tag Team Championship was a joke as it was done for merely a storyline. Reminds me of the days when WCW was using the belts as “merely props,” as stated by Vince Russo.

It was a slap on the face to every prior tag team when Otunga merely laid down for Gabriel and Slater.

Is it possible that even the days when the Smoking Gunns, Headbangers, Men on a Misson and the Headshrinkers were trading the belts are better than now?

Match Rating: 8/10


Edge vs. Mysterio vs. Del Rio No. 1 Contender Match

Edge hit the spear on Del Rio, who had Mysterio in an electric chair.

This was a wildly entertaining match. Triple Threat matches offer a lot of interesting action. It has seemed to be a recent Wrestlemania theme to have one of the World Championship matches be a Triple Threat.

Mysterio vs. Del Rio in some facet is obvious for Survivor Series.

This could be the best Friday night match I have seen in recent memory.

Match Rating: 10/10


Final Thoughts

The SmackDown writers have outdone themselves this week. From start to finish, it was perfectly executed.

Final Rating: 10/10




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