Philadelphia 76ers: A Rebuilding Solution for the Struggling Franchise

Michael FoglianoAnalyst INovember 3, 2010

We go through the same thing every year and speaking on behalf of all of the Sixers fan base, we are tired of it.

We have been trying to attempt a stage of rebuilding for almost five years now and we have yet to succeed.

However, we sit and watch other teams somehow succeed in a rebuilding mode such as the Oklahoma City Thunder.

They developed their own way of rebuilding and succeeded.

They traded away their average players for a ton of draft picks. Now, they have a really young, talented lineup that are a top contender for a championship.

Why can't the Sixers do that? In fact, why can't we come up with our own way that's even better?

Instead of trading for draft picks, we trade for young players and do our best to build around our potential superstar, Evan Turner.

The Sixers have clearly shown they are not eager to bring a superstar such as Carmelo Anthony into town, so we have to work with what we have and our best bet is Turner.

My solution is trading Andre Iguodala and Spencer Hawes to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for Greg Oden, Rudy Fernandez and Joel Przybilla.

Now, before you sit there cursing at your computer screen, let me explain why this is a start in the right direction for the franchise.

I don't necessarily think Iguodala is the problem, he is just limiting Turner.

If Iggy is gone, it allows Turner to be the best he can be. Plus, Iguodala wants out anyway and he pretty much said so himself.

Not only that, but guess who was one of the teams who wanted Iguodala last year?

That's right, the Trail Blazers.

The deal would attract the Trail Blazers too because Iggy would complete the lineup and he would be a good sidekick to Brandon Roy.

Since Oden is injury prone, his trade value is cheaper than usual. In other words, now is the best time to get him for a low price.

When he's been healthy, he has proved he can be a productive big man in the league. His potential and skill are still there and he's still young.

As for Fernandez, he has wanted out of Portland for a while now because he's not satisfied with his minutes.

By coming to the Sixers, Fernandez will specifically help Turner.

Turner plays well when he has shooters around him. Therefore when he can't find an open lane, he can just dish it out to his shooters.

Fernandez has been one of the best three point shooters in the NBA for the past couple years. He would be our starting shooting guard.

Przybilla is just an expiring contract to make some money for the Sixers.

He's also one of the better backup centers in the league.

With this trade our starting lineup would look like this:

PG Jrue Holiday

SG Rudy Fernandez

SF Evan Turner

PF Elton Brand

C Greg Oden

Our main players off the bench would be Thaddeus Young,  Andres Nocioni and Lou Williams. This season, they have played great off the bench, so why change something when it's going well?

After this, the only problem is getting rid of Brand and his huge contract. However having said that, he has lately been playing like his old form.

This lineup makes Turner play at his best, so we'll get to see his Ohio State form.

Holiday will be dishing out his assists, Fernandez will be hitting his threes, Turner will be the superstar, Oden will be doing his thing in the middle, and Brand will be playing like he has been (almost like his old form).

The icing on the cake is head coach, Doug Collins. He's going to be the one to make this happen.

This team is young and will have plenty of time to learn his system and build team chemistry.

After a couple seasons, this will be a solid playoff team.

The first season would not go so well, which means a good draft pick for the Sixers. Essentially, they would aim for a Power forward in place of Brand in the near future.

Take in that lineup.

It's young, fast, and has huge potential.

This is probably the best we can get as of now. It may be a risk, but it's a risk we must be willing to take. I think it's the best direction to take for the struggling Sixers franchise. 

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