2011 NBA MVP: Top Five Players Who Have a Chance at Winning

Adam GlassmanContributor INovember 2, 2010

Here are my predictions in order of who I think has a chance at winning the 2011 NBA MVP Award.

Here's who came close, but I chose not to choose them:

LeBron James: I didn't choose LeBron this year because he's not as valuable to Miami as he was to Cleveland. In Cleveland he single handedly lead his team to the No. 1 spot in the conference year after year. Miami was already in the playoffs last year with only Dwyane Wade, but even if they didn't add LeBron James and stuck with Wade and Chris Bosh, they would still be a contender for the Championship.

Dwyane Wade: Pretty much same reason as LeBron. If Wade wasn't there the Heat would still be a championship contender.

Chris Paul: Although I like CP3 I don't think he's as valuable to his team as some of these other players.

Now for the main list:

No. 5. Yao Ming: Just kidding...

No. 5. Kobe Bryant

Kobe is Kobe. He will lead his team to the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference again this year and will advance in the playoffs. What else is new? Kobe is and has been the cornerstone to the Lakers team. It is built around Kobe and Kobe in return has lead them to the Finals for the past three years and won it two out of those three years.

My Prediction: Kobe has too many good players around him to be declared that valuable. Without Kobe the Lakers would still function. We will see Kobe's stats start to decline and in a few years it won't be as much of Kobe Vs. LeBron as it will be Kobe Vs. Retirement.

No. 4. John Wall

Now some of you may be wandering why I chose him. Well to start off the Wizards were one of the worst teams in the worst conference. That being said if the Wizards can sneak their way into the playoffs with Wall being their star as only a rookie it will make a big impact.

My prediction for Wall is that he will gradually get better and better. He will win the rookie of the year award this year and he will be one of the elite point guards in the NBA. In his first ever game Wall got 14 points nine assists and three steals.

Almost a double double. Now that he had his first dose of the NBA how do you think he handled his second? Try 28 points nine assists and five rebounds. As you can clearly see he just needed to adjust himself to the NBA level. Now that he has he has a good chance at averaging a double-double for the season.

My Prediction: Wall will finish up with around 23 PPG 10.5 APG and five RPG. Not a bad Gilbert Arenas replacement if you ask me.

No. 3. Derrick Rose

Again, another controversial pick. I chose Rose because so far this season he's been playing his heart out. What's the difference you might ask? Many people had high expectations for the Bulls and then Carlos Boozer got injured.

Derrick Rose now got it placed in his mind from these people that they are one of the best teams. Who is the star of the team? He is. Which means added pressure on his to lead his team to success and he has been handling the pressure in a positive way. I think he can keep doing so. So far he's averaging 33.5 PPG, five RPG and 6.5 APG.


My Prediction: Derrick Rose will show why he was chosen No. 1 overall with 27 PPG eight APG and five RPG.

No. 2. Dwight Howard

Superman is in the building! Dwight is just flat out a monster. He is so muscular he makes superman wish he were Dwight Howard. This being said he has an excellent ability to box out, jump high, and slam it home. What this means are points, blocks and rebounds. So far he's averaging 21 PPG, 8.5 RPG and two BPG. These aren't even close to impressing anybody, but I have a feeling that once he gets back into the swing of things, he can single handedly lead his team far in the playoffs.

My Prediction: Dwight will improve in the next week and finish up the season with having 25 PPG, 12 RPG and five BPG while leading his team to one of the top three spots in the Eastern Conference.

No. 1. Kevin Durant

How can anybody deny this. The rest are wild-cards but this is as sure as it gets. Without Durant the Thunder might as well be the Oklahoma City Giggles. Who cares, they're not going anywhere either way?

But with Durant, he leads this young team to success in the fierce Western Conference. Last year he lead the Thunder to the eighth spot in the playoffs and lost to the Lakers 4-2. Imagine what he can do this year from previous experiences.

I can even see a Thunder, Lakers rivalry brewing up. Last year he lead the league in scoring and I do not see that changing any time soon.

My Prediction: Durant will have a shiny new object to add to his trophy room and will lead the Thunder to a higher seed in the playoffs, going farther than last year.