NHL Fantasy Hockey Stars That are Cold as Ice

Kevin ErbContributor INovember 3, 2010

The puck just does not want to bounce the right way for Gomez early in the 2010/2011 season
The puck just does not want to bounce the right way for Gomez early in the 2010/2011 seasonBruce Bennett/Getty Images

The following is a report of the NHL fantasy duds from the first three weeks. These are the guys that were supposed to lead your fantasy team to glory, but in reality are contributing less than the equipment manager.

I know if you are the unfortunate owner of any of these players you are about ready to slam down that red panic button, but before you do let’s examine the situation. We don’t want any owners in your league to scoop up the prize on your team for the remainder of the season while you were wishing you held on for one more week!

The question now becomes will these guys come back to fantasy relevance or are they destine to have the worst fantasy totals or their careers.

Scott Gomez- 1G, 2A, 3P, +/- 1, 4 PIM

This Montreal Canadiens forward has been off to a pitiful start. With only four points in his first 11 games he isn’t exactly showing the same promise of a season ago. The Candiens are actually doing quite well despite the lull in Gomez and his point production. The team is depending on him to turn things around.

Fantasy-wise, it’s almost crazy to start this guy in your line up while he is producing at this pace.  Gomez has been producing at a pretty consistent pace the last three seasons posting 70 with the Rangers in '07-'08, 58 with the Rangers in '08-'09, and 59 in '09-'10 with the Habs.

Gomez will probably turn it around for streaks this season but who knows when and for how long. He is probably a sure bet to get over 50 but if you were looking for him to regain his form from  his seasons in New Jersey, think again.

Brian Gionta- 1G, 2A, 3P, +/-, 4 PIM

Take a look at this guy’s stat line. Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as the man above. They are both off to slow starts on a hot team. Gionta and Gomez go hand and hand, when one is in on the fantasy bench you can be sure that they both are. I don’t have to go into to much detail here, there is clearly one key ingredient missing, a talented left winger.

The Habs have had some auditions, but the job is still up for grabs. If these two guys want to re capture fantasy relevance they should send a shout out to Patrik Elias, or pack their bags and head back to New Jersey.

Ilya Kovalchuk- 3G, 3A, -5+/-, 9 PIM

Did somebody say New Jersey needed help, didn't they just get a guy for something like $100 million? Ilya has been anything but a $100 million player. His fantasy numbers are nowhere near where they should be, and things are getting worse. He was on the bench as a healthy scratch earlier in the year, and now Jersey just lost Parise to a serious knee injury.

Well hold on, let's not write him off yet. He was magical in Atlanta with basically no one around him, and we have seen him off to slow starts before. Having a little more weight on his shoulders might spark Kovalchuk, this has been known to happen. Let him ride a little fantasy pine if your worried but don’t throw him to the wolves just yet , when he gets going you will quickly remember why you wanted him on your squad.

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