Mats Sundin: Tempers Flare Up On Bleacher

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

Regardless of the pleas that were sent out by many Bleacher fans and writers, it seems that some people haven’t gotten the point yet.

So now tempers are starting to flare up, not only on the Rangers page, but across the hockey network on Bleacher. And the members are voicing their opinions. And they are outraged !!!

It seems that Ranger writers are fixated on this Mats Sundin situation, thinking the soon to be 38 year old,  will some how lead their New York Rangers Team to a Stanley Cup. 

I, along with may other people out there are clueless on what fantasy world or dream they are living in.

I guess after the 13 years he spent with the Maple Leafs, and leading them to zero cups, he must have built up some great expectations in them.

Or maybe it is the fact that Sundin never won any NHL trophies or Awards in his fabulous 17 year career as a professional Hockey player that has the writers for the Rangers thinking he is the man to lead this team to the cup.

Or maybe it is that Sundin, after four and a half months, still can’t make up his mind, whether to retire or play,  makes them think he will actually play like he wants to be there and will have this miraculous season. Better then ever before, to lead the Rangers to the cup and scoring 50 goals this season, which will be his first time ever in doing so.

Meanwhile, he hasn't spent a day in any training camp so far. Bottom line, it isn’t happening. Sundin is not that good. Get it in your heads, nor do we care about Mats Sundin!

Yeah, yeah we all know all about it. He did this and that in Toronto. He’s the best they ever had. Wow, I am totally impressed. He is the best Toronto ever had. That is like putting Ovechkin in college hockey and saying he is the best ever in college. Never mind Toronto, is not the New York Rangers.

But what did he do for them any way?  Really?  What did he do? NOTHING. No cups, or banners floating in the air thanks to Mats Sundin. No parades at the end of the season. No light at the end of the tunnel or his career  for that matter. What he did do though, is build false hope in hockey town Toronto, with nothing to show for his 13 years there. And this is how he will go out. Leaving the NHL hanging, with no word what so ever, for how many months before he retires, but you want to give him respect and glorify him as great.

Well, as great as he is, wasn’t Toronto looking to trade his royal greatness last year? Hmmm, I’m not impressed yet!

In 17 years playing in the NHL he scored more then 35 goals in a season, four times. Wow, that really is truly impressive. No wonder why all the hype and wishes for him to come to New York.

Oh wait, I’m sorry, he did score 32 goals last year. Hmmmm, well if Bendan Shanahan had first line minutes like Sundin, instead of scoreless Jagr, then I bet you anything, he would have scored more then that as well . But yet no one wants the old Shanny. They want a new injury prone, old man, in Mats Sundin. Who has done nothing in 13 years to help the Toronto Maple Leafs, whereas Shanahna has definitely helped the Rangers improve these last two seasons. It seems like some people are just clueless.

Now our great writers go to their secrete sources. What are you the the dam CIA, FBI of Bleacher. Secret sources my ass. Gomez is gonna be traded. No wait, its Drury that’s being traded. Ten other rumors pop up all over the net. Shit, lets write about every bullshit rumor that there is out there instead of waiting to see what happens first. No lets bore our readers to death and flood them with this Sundin crap. Lets fill the Rangers page with garbage on Mats Sundin.

I personally rather read about how you were beaten as a kid. That would be more entertaining then what you been writing. All on a guy who for four and half months can’t make up his mind if he even wants to play. Why the hell are you even giving this loser the time of day is beyond me and many other people. And yes this is officially an ATTACK !!! If you don’t like it, don’t read it, move on!

He is a loser. He is also full of it. Read my article,  "Thumbs Down on Mats Sundin " and the whole Montreal deal. And you will agree that he is full of it.

I for one have given all the writers on here tons of credit where it is do.  Read my article on Colton Orr.  But that don't mean that i wont cut you to shreds if you deserve it. I mean you see 10 articles on here already on Sundin, and all of them in one way or another say the same thing.  I mean is 10 not enough, never mind the fact that there is really more then that on here. So you mean to tell and show us that you have nothing else to write about, except what 20 other people already wrote about.

I mean some of these writers have extremely good talents in writing. why waste it on Sundin or what we already read or heard already 20 other times? How many more have to come out before you your self get sick of seeing it? Use your minds and imaginations and come up with something else other then  Sundin. I enjoy reading your articles, yes Greg, even yours. BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

And for the record. Gomez is better the Sundin. And so is Drury. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t trade anyone for Sundin except Blair Betts and Naslund who we should of never went after in the first place.

So let's rant and rave on how good he is, try to make him out to be better than he really is, how he is better than Gomez. For starters why the hell would you trade a guy you have for the next five or six years with Gomez’s skills for an old guy for one year. He is debating weather or not to play or retire. What do you think he is gonna do, sign a four year contract. Be real.  You want to free up cap room. Well your not gonna, since Sundin will take up most of it. There is no reason to worry about cap as of right now, so why bring it up. If an injury happens, that is why we have the players in Hartford, with a large majority of them, full of potential and, who a large majority of Ranger fans want to see called up.

Gomez is faster, Sundin is stronger, not by much, Gomez is no punk either. Gomez is 28, Sundin is 38. Sundin is injury prone, Gomez is not. Sundin won zero cups, Gomez won two. Gomez,  practically every season is  his  career went to the play offs so far, how many years has Sundin.  But we rather get rid of the young, healthy, cup winning Gomez, for problem child, non cup winning, injury plagued, old, wrinkled ass Mats Sundin. Rangers want and need Gomez not Sundin. But I guess that don’t matter to the writers of bleacher either. Cause they keep writing about it.

So what is it gonna take, for these writers to get the point. That we are tired of seeing articles on Sundin, 95 % based on rumors and the other 5% on what if. Does it take an article like this. I doubt it. Betcha some putz tomorrow comes out with another Sundin article on some dumb ass rumor. And if they do, I hope every person out there voices there opinion on another lame ass Sundin article. I don't care if he signs with someone over night. No more Sundin.

I can’t wait for the feed back. That is, if our leaders even allow this article to be on the first page. Seems if you don’t do it the way they want it, or if they don't like it, you article stays on page four or some crap like that and don’t see the light of day. They have to approve it first and determine if its top notch or not. Someone determines weather or not, you the members will like it or not, based on their own opinion. There are articles from four days ago on page one still, when other articles that were written after, that are even better, are never  seen.

This should be the main article on here for the week, this article represents you the members. I personally have written other articles that never saw the light of day, which were definitely better then some that was on page one. Go to my profile, read them and voice you opinion if you saw it or not, and if it should have been on page one all blow up, leave your comments good or bad, either way. But this article will probably get buried and  it wont be. Either way,  no more Sundin, we are sick and tired of seeing it, reading it, hearing about it. Get the point now!!!

I would like to thank Eric Kuzmiak for his great article on this issue which inspired me to write this one.  LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF RUMORS.

Thank you Eric and keep up the great work !!!


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