NASCAR Is America's True Family Sport: For the Drivers and Fans

Steven IlesContributor INovember 4, 2010

David Starr and son DJ
David Starr and son DJJonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

We all have heard the saying, “Baseball is America's pastime.” However, after witnessing what I saw tonight in the garage area at Texas Motor Speedway, I must say NASCAR is America's Family Sport.

I had the privilege of seeing little D.J. Starr, son of NCWTS driver David Starr, playing at his “playground.” It blew me away; I just stood there in amazement seeing this little boy run through the garage area as if he was playing at the city park.

But to him, this is his park. The hauler is his jungle gym and dodging through the people and other teams in the garage is his maze. And young D.J. is not the only kid who calls NASCAR garages, haulers, and trailers his playground.

The crew is his extended family, and the other drivers are his "uncles." But NASCAR is not only a family sport for the drivers; it is also a family sport for the fans. Most tracks offer a family section, where there is usually no alcohol or smoking allowed in the stands.

They usually offer a family ticket package, or in most cases, tickets are priced very well. For example, a family of four could attend the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday for $159.00.

In the same area for other sporting events, you would pay $331.32 to take your family to Dallas Cowboys game. For the Dallas Mavericks, a family package varies between $49.00 to $256.00 for a family of four.

If you have the opportunity, I would encourage you to go to a NASCAR race and bring your kids like David Starr and let your children witness the “NASCAR Playground” like young D.J.