WWE Smackdown Review: (Nov. 5, 2010) Nexus Takes Over The Show

Jay BrennanCorrespondent INovember 7, 2010

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio Match

The show opened with a big match so we knew it wasn’t going to finish clean.

Edge made a nostalgia-inducing entrance that reminded me of the days he was battling Kurt Angle.

Alberto Del Rio really proved that he can hang with the top echelon of WWE.

Del Rio hit an amazing kick on Edge who was on the top rope.

They went back and forth until NEXUS invaded. NEXUS minus Barrett, extracted Edge and Del Rio from the ring.

Match Rating: 7/10

Post Match Segment

David Otunga said that they were taking over. Big Show’s music hits and he is followed by Mysterio and Kane. They were joined by Edge and Del Rio who knocked NEXUS out of the ring.

I did not expect NEXUS to be involved tonight on Smackdown.

I was surprised that Kane assisted the others removing NEXUS from the ring considering that NEXUS assisted him in the burial of the Undertaker.

Teddy Long later announced “the biggest 10-man match ever on Smackdown.” Is this the set up for some kind of traditional Survivor Series match?

Segment Rating: 10/10

(Intercontinental Champion) Dolph Ziggler vs. JTG Match

Ziggler defeated JTG with the Zig Zag. Ziggler didn’t let JTG off that easy as he locked up the sleeper hold after already getting the victory.

JTG is finally used somewhere besides Superstars and he gets crushed for his time.

Kaitlyn rushed to the ring to celebrate with Ziggler. This incited a response from Vickie Guerrero. Vickie slapped Kaitlyn really hard, sending Kaitlyn to the mat.

Teddy Long told Vickie that if she wanted justice, then she would have to get it in the ring.

Match Rating: 6/10

NEXUS & Mysterio Backstage Segment

NEXUS gave the Rated PG Super Star Rey Mysterio a beat down backstage.

Guess this takes the luchador out of “the biggest 10-man match ever on Smackdown.”

Josh Matthews asked Otunga why NEXUS attacked Mysterio. He responded with “because we can.”

Segment Rating: 5/10

MVP vs. Rhodes vs. McIntyre IC No. 1 Contender Match:

MVP came out to some cool new music. I hope it works out better than it did for R-Truth.

Rhodes and McIntyre decided to team up to take out MVP in the three-way. The minute McIntyre had the chance, he turned on Rhodes.

MVP got the much-needed victory, earning him a shot at the belt.

The heel vs. heel match that will result from McIntyre and Rhodes doesn’t seem like it will have the best pay off.

Rhodes has a gimmick made to inspire heat from the fans. McIntyre couldn’t turn face if he wanted to. McIntyre seems to be a natural heel.

Match Rating: 9/10

Vickie Guerrero vs. Kaitlyn Match:

Matt Stryker has been in love in Kaitlyn since NXT Season 3 started.

I was baffled at how the announce team continued to bash the ladies during the match. Michael Cole even mentioned how silent the crowd was for it.

Vickie Guerrero got a dirty pin fall on Kaitlyn utilizing the ropes.

It makes no sense to have non-wrestling talent defeat a new female wrestler.

I really like the storyline. I suspect that Vickie will cost Ziggler the Intercontinental championship sooner than later.

It is interesting that despite being the person who was cheated on, Vickie maintains her heel status with the fans. Ziggler and Kaitlyn are the Edge and Lita in this love story.

Match Rating: 2/10

MVP, Kaval & NEXUS Backstage Segment

I am not sure if this is even worth mentioning given that NEXUS simply attacked anyone and everyone without a point.

There were a lot of backstage segments on this episode.

Segment Rating:  3/10


Tyler Reks vs. Chris Masters Match

Reks has a new demolition look that has assisted him in his current push.

Chris Masters has been seen more frequently on Smackdown in the last few weeks. Despite being on the losing end of most of his matches, he has looked impressive.

Masters has put in his time and deserves a push. His lost to the new guy, Reks, doesn’t look like he will be getting one any time soon.

Rex’s finisher looks ruthless. His mean streak may take him to the upper echelon.

Match Rating: 7/10

NEXUS vs. Edge, Kofi Kingston, Del Rio, Big Show & (World Champion) Kane Match:

Kofi Kingston replaced Rey Mysterio to bring the fight to NEXUS.

Big Show seems to always be getting involved in other people’s business. Big Show and Kofi battled the Dashing Ones last week on Smackdown. Then he battled The Miz on RAW. It looks like he needs a feud.

Del Rio left the team during the match.

Kane choke slammed Big Show after misreading a situation. Then Edge speared Kane.

Despite the lack of team work, Edge speared Otunga for the victory over NEXUS.

I am sure Wade Barrett will have something to say to Otunga after this misstep.

Match Rating: 7/10

Final Comments

NEXUS ruined Smackdown’s streak of great episodes. Otunga and the other rookies are responsible for a less than great episode.

When are they going to start putting together the traditional survivor series matches?

Final Rating: 6/10


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