Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens: Dan Henning, You're Joking Right?

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent INovember 8, 2010

MIAMI - 2009:  Dan Henning of the Miami Dolphins poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
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The Miami Dolphins' offense came out down 7-0 early and needed to answer to keep pace with the tough Baltimore Ravens in their house.

Running play...BAM! Ten yards! Running play...BAM 15 yards! You get my drift. A big old-fashioned drive resulting in a touchdown from essentially running the ball between the tackles extremely effectively.

Finally! This Dolphin offense is coming alive! The Ronnie Brown we know and love is back! But wait...what's this? Ronnie only gets three more carries? Ricky only gets two? What's going on here?

Dan Henning is what is going on. When you thought the old man could not get any worse at play calling this game in Baltimore happens. I just don't understand. If something is working, why stop doing it? After the first Dolphin possession I'm sure every Dolphins fan in the world was thinking "Dayum...we have got it going today! Run Ronnie Run!"

After a drive as successful as that first one, why does Dan Henning abandon the running game? It's not as though the Dolphin offense didn't run the ball well, in fact that was perhaps the single best display of running the ball on one drive as I've seen in a long time. Not to mention it was against the legendary Ravens' defense and in between the tackles.

So at the end of the game running backs had a total of eleven carries. Nine carries to Ronnie brown with an average of 6.6 yards per carry. Wait a second, the magic number for yards per carry is 4.0 and the man is averaging an outstanding 6.6 and only gets nine carries? What on earth?

Ricky Williams only had one yard on two carries but that's just it, he only had two chances! Give the playmakers of this team a chance to carry the stinkin' football!

The Dolphins cannot expect to have Chad Henne throw thirty times per game and expect to win, well not when only forty-five plays are run by the offense. By throwing over and over again the Dolphins did the opposite of what they needed to do, control the clock and the ball.

By doing nothing but throw-throw-throw, the Raven pass rush had nothing to keep them honest; it was just a relentless pursuit of young Chad Henne. How about a draw once in a while? How about just a run on third and less than four?

Tony Sparano has said several times this year in his press briefings that the goal of this team is to be a tough and physical football team, well how is that possible when the coordinator won't let the offense run the ball?

I understand not wanting to change coordinators midseason but at least after this season is over, please fire Dan Henning!

The man not only makes head-scratcher play calls every game but he also has complete mental breakdowns like today. He's had a great history as a play caller but it's apparent he's forgotten more football than he remembers. The Dolphins blew a chance to get right back in the race with New England losing to Cleveland in a big way.

It's just hard to watch stupid football sometimes and this Dolphins @ Ravens game was a prime example.

By the way Sean Smith, catch the ball, just catch the ball. Goodbye and to all the Dolphins faithful still believing in a playoff run with me, GO FINS!