NFL Week 10: Brett Favre Saves Day, Randy Moss Is Boss, and Too Late for Dallas

Rosalind McCoyContributor INovember 9, 2010

Randy Moss Now Plays for the Tennessee Titans
Randy Moss Now Plays for the Tennessee TitansJim Rogash/Getty Images

I'm glad I'm not a betting woman. Because, if I bet on football this season, I'd be one broke heifer. 2010 NFL gets wackier and wackier EVERY week, with upsets that NOBODY saw coming. Last week, if I had predicted Cleveland beating New England, you all would have called that preposterous. (It happened.)  At the beginning of the season, I would have predicted the Dallas Cowboys would have whipped the pants off of Green Bay. (Surprise! They didn't even come close). Quite a few games could have went either way (see the Detroit/Jets game and the Arizona/Minnesota game). I got 8 out of 13 correct predictions, not bad, considering how crazy this season is....

And now, NFL Week 10 Predictions:

Byes:Green Bay, Oakland, New Orleans, and San Diego

Baltimore @ Atlanta:  Both of these teams have a really good offense, but there is something about when Ray Lewis gets on the field, things start happening. Like, the  other team looses. Hotlanta won't be quite so hot when that Baltimore breeze swoops down. Baltimore 24 - Atlanta 20

Detroit @ Buffalo: (Sigh) I wished SO HARD for every team to win at least one game this season, and my poor little Bills have not done so yet. Detroit has managed to eek out two wins so far, and I'm glad. The Lions are not as bad as people think. Neither are the Bills, but they ain't so bad that they are gonna be my Lions. Buffalo will just have to wait a little while longer for the win I wish for them. It's not happening this week: Detroit 38 - Buffalo 31

Minnesota @ Chicago: Dear Brett Farve: Last week, I called you everything but a dinosaur. I said you were old and decrepit, you had too much drama, and your presence on the Vikings squad did more harm than good. And then, you did what you do best: pull record breaking passes right out of your... socks. I stand here in awe, and I am suitably humbled by your greatness. Dear Jay Cutler: You are not Brett Farve and you and your Bears will  NOT beat him or the Vikings on any given Sunday, and especially not THIS Sunday. Your O-line leaves much to be desired, your passing leaves even more to be desired, and your defense needs to.defend.  Minnesota 31 - Chicago 13

 New York Jets @ Cleveland: Cleveland has turned out to be quite a surprise to me, and quite detrimental to the betting public. They have beat the both  the Saints and the Patriots - and beat them decisively. Cleveland is hot... but they will get cooled down really soon.. Mark Sanchez ain't having that this week.  New York Jets 30 - Cleveland  24

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis: If this game had taken place earlier in the season, I would have predicted this to be a great and close game. Now, I don't know WHAT to think.  Peyton Manning is ALWAYS superlative. Manning will always find someway to pass that ball, with stunning accuracy. The problem is, he is running out of capable people who can actually catch a pass. Peyton is also getting sacked a lot more. That means, his O-line is not protecting him well enough,  The Bengals, on the other hand,  have more TV stars than football players. We need you to play football, Bengals. I want to see you on ESPN or NFL network, not VH1. Cincinnati 14 - Indianapolis 31

Tennessee @ Miami: I was all set to say "Go Dolphins", and then Dandy Randy Moss found his way to the Titans. Moss is a man on several missions this week. Mission 1; Show the Titans that they made the right decision by scooping him up. Mission 2: Kicking dirt in Minnesota's face. Mission 3: Sticking his tongue out at the Patriots. And mission 4: To prove to the NFL, and the rest of the football watching world that he got a big ego and he can back it up. The Dolphins have been losing because of small, but costly mistake. Benching QB Chad Henne and replacing him with Chad Pennington will not help.  My heart goes out to the Dolphins. They ain't ready for the Madness of Moss. Tennessee 24 - Miami  14

Houston @ Jacksonville: Now if this ain't a surprise! At the beginning of the season I just KNEW the Texans would set the NFL on fire. They were blazing for a minute, and they have cooled their jets considerably. On the other side of the coin, we have the Jaguars, whom I wrote off as not worthy of any attention from me, even before the season started. And lordy be, they proved me wrong. They are REALLY getting their act together. David Garrard is getting better at putting the ball in useful hands, his O-line has improved in protecting him, and Maurice Jones-Drew ALWAYS delivers. There will be a special delivery for the Texans Sunday: a gift wrapped loss. Texans 17 - Jaguars 26

Carolina @ Tampa Bay: "♫ Nothing could be finer than to beat on Carolina on a Sunday ♫"  That's the tune the Buccaneers will be singing in the locker after the game. Carolina's defense and offense have not improved very much since the season started. Tampa Bay's overall talent has faltered since the season started, but only slightly, and whatever talent they possess will still prove too much for the Panthers. Carolina 10 - Tampa Bay 27

Kansas City @ Denver: Okay, okay, the Chiefs lost last week. But, so what? The Broncos lose EVERY week. This week included. Kansas City 35 - Denver 13

SeattleArizona: Just when I had decided that the Cardinals were a bunch of scrubs, here they come, whipping butts and taking names. They are starting to play like the team that went to the Superbowl back in 2009. And speaking of whipping butts, the Cardinals are going to take Seattle to the woodshed for an old fashioned one. This will be reminiscent to the old saying "Whipping ya like ya stole something". Seattle 13 - Arizona 21

Dallas @ New York Giants: By now, you should be able to find a plethora of used Dallas Cowboy memorabilia on eBay. Even their most die hard fans are beginning to turn on them.  Dallas is so pitiful this year that I almost feel sorry for them. I said ALMOST. It's kinda hard for me to feel sorry for a team with a multi - gazillion dollar stadium made specifically for them, who just happens to play like they never saw a football before in their lives. Coach Wade Phillips got  replaced this week, but its too far gone and too late. That should have happened somewhere around week three. And then what do they do? Replace him with  Jason Garret, a graduate from the Epic Fail School of Football .Garrett was the Offense Coordinator for a team that wasn't scoring.  So, why in tarnation would you promote him to HEAD COACH? (Was that genius or what?) With Tony Romo out indefinitely, the Cowboys are going to hit rock bottom, and then keep digging.  Dez Bryant is the only redeeming player on that franchise, because he's the only one who goes out there every game and even TRIES to earn his paycheck.  But, one man cannot win a football game by himself. It takes a team effort, and the Cowboys seem to have lost sight of what a team actually is. Dallas 13 - New York Giants 30

St Louis @ San Francisco: Thank you, San Francisco for finally winning some games. I was just  about to put my coffee mugs,  parka, skull cap  and t-shirts on sale on eBay, as a "buy-one-get-one-free" deal with Dallas Cowboy items. I don't have to do that now, and I thank you. I will be sipping a Pepsi in my 49er thermos this coming Sunday while you all win against St Louis. What's that? You all don't believe that the 49ers will win against Rams? Of, course they will. This is one of those upsets we have every week. I'm calling this one early, so that I can stick out my tongue and say "Na na I told you so" to my co-workers come Monday morning.   St Louis 20 - San Francisco 21

New England @ Pittsburgh Just when I started saying that Tom Brady was not as bad as I thought, the Patriots lose handily - to CLEVELAND! Yikes! So now, I don't even know how to call this game.Normally, the Patriots are a great team, but their lost to the Browns made me wonder about them. I think New England  may have been exposed by Cleveland. . I'm sure that Pittsburgh was taking names. New England 24 - Pittsburgh 28

Philadelphia @ Washington: I only have two words for this game: Micheal Vick! Or, as I call him, Michael, "I Don't Need An O-Line Because I Will Run The Ball My Damn Self" Vick He handled himself superbly against the Almighty Peyton Manning (Who,by the way, is my favorite QB) and I see no reason why he can't do the same thing against the Redskins. Don't get me wrong, I love the Redskins, but they have been playing rather sloppy lately, and I am sure that Michael Vick has NOT forgotten what happened the last time they played. The Eagles offense will protected him. Besides, the Redskins' head coach has been making some rather interesting (meaning stupid) decisions as to what to do with the QB during the last 2 minutes of a close game. (You bench him. Doesn't everyone?) When coach Mike Shanahan benched Donovan McNabb, he could not imagine the psychological impact that put on the team, and their fans. A team that loses faith in their leader is destined for failure.  Philadelphia  24 - Washington 17

And there you have it. See ya next week!