WWE Pop Quiz 2: Music Used By the WWE in Entrance Themes, PPVs, Brand Themes

Undead WarriorContributor INovember 17, 2010

Here is another pop quiz for all you fans out there.  As the title implies, it's on music.  I hope you participate and are honest and don't cheat.

1. What band sings Invincible for WWE Superstars on WGN America?

2. Who sings Randy Orton's entrance theme?

3. What rock band has sang the past 3 Triple H theme songs?

4. Nickelback sang the theme song for which WWE brand: Raw or Smackdown?

5. What band sings the theme song for the Nexus?

6. What band sings the entrance song for CM Punk?

7. What is the title of CM Punk's entrance track?

8. What Kid Rock song did the divas dance to at WM25?

9. What song was used for the Royal Rumble in 2007? 

10. Who sings Edge's entrance theme?